Sunday, September 12, 2010

Relaxing weekend


The weather this weekend was rainy all day Saturday and very cool....we spent part of Saturday at the soccer field watching the grandkids play...afterwards we headed to Shipshewanna to get some pretzels from Jo-Jo's (fabulous, fresh, sweet and delicious!), and to visit Lolly's, a terrific quilting store at the Davis Mercantile complex there in Shipshewanna. Lolly's is just one of many cool stores inside the mercantile building. Lolly's is the place you go if you want the latest and greatest in quality cotton quilting fabrics, notions, and books. Yoder's department store is another great fabric store choice, so you have your pick of two! I picked up some charm squares in fall fabrics and a table topper pattern. Seems like I can never have enough projects to keep me busy since I've been retired. I just can't sit still for very long without having something to keep my hands busy!  I've been doing embroidery on ornaments for Christmas, learning to knit myself a vest, and today I just finished knitting a dishcloth. Someone told me awhile back that it was hard to find 100% cotton dishrags any more, so I thought I'd knit up a couple and have them out at my next show, they make great wipeups with their surface texture!....We decided to spend the rest of Sat. evening listening to Watercolours Sirius radio channel (lovely, relaxing jazzy music for a rainy, drizzly evening) and researching inexpensive places to stay near the Grand Rapids General dealer. We came up with at least four places, one a city park in Otsego (Brookside Park) with only four hookup sites...first come, first served and it's FREE. We plan on leaving Tuesday morning for the Grand Rapids area instead of staying and playing the waiting game in Elkhart. The other campgrounds that we are considering are Tyler Creek, Duke Campground and Lakeside Camp Park. We used RV campground reviews website to find these....that is a great tool to find ratings and specs of campgrounds!

Sunday we spent a very relaxing day just working on paperwork, internet research, and then in the evening, we went to a Japanese steak house in Mishawaka called Hana Yori with our new friends Larry and Kay. They drive a diesel Newmar Mountain Air. Larry is a retired diesel mechanic so he certainly can take care of his RV when things go wrong! If we get the diesel, I think we are going to need to take a class on maintenance and how to drive a diesel!

Rainy days sure are great for catching up on reading, researching, etc. I noticed today that Blogger has a "stats" on the tool bar. I had never noticed it before. I clicked on it and found out some amazing things.  I found out for example, that 220 people from Canada read the blog last month! Most people are accessing the blog through Windows and Internet Explorer, some people are using an ipad to view us, and there were over 3,000 page views for the month of August. The pressure is on to keep the blog interesting! I had no idea.....yikes!

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