Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Alarm Clock?

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!   BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! "Honey, what's that?" "I'm not sure... Is that the carbon monoxide detector?" At 6:45 this morning, we bounded out of bed to check all the indicator lights--there's the carbon monoxide detector in the bedroom, the LP gas detector in the hallway, and the smoke detector in the front of the RV. Half asleep, we scouted and listened all over the coach trying to locate the source of the noise. Of course, with the loud beeping going constantly, it seemed like it took forever to figure out it was the smoke detector at the front of the coach, but it really was only a matter of seconds. The smoke detector needed a  battery replacement. We had a few moments of anxiety...although we knew there was no smoke in the house, we were used to a chirping from our smoke detectors at home when the battery needed replacing, not a triple beep. We checked everything just to be sure, and that's what it was. Whew!

After thinking about everything we would have to do tomorrow afternoon with the new RV- a couple hours of orientation, moving, (you'd think that would be quick! But there's a LOT to move over, arrange, store, and re-organize), we decided that Thursday afternoon would not be enough time to get that all done and move to a new location, closer to General for a couple of days while we learn the systems, try everything out and look for "bugs" to be fixed. So, we bumped the final signing and move to early Friday morning. One more night at Tyler Creek will give us a little time to get things packed and ready for the move Friday. We will have to get a different kind of electrical connection for our tow car and hope that General can help us with that, or we can't tow the car. I'll have to drive behind Eldy as we move to Hidden Ridge RV Resort and Campground, Hopkins, MI for the weekend. (Can you tell there's a little disappointment if that happens? Hate to miss the first trip out in the Tiffin!) We picked Hidden Ridge because it's closer to General than where we are now in case there are any big problems that crop up. We'll stay at Hidden Ridge for the weekend through Sunday, and leave Monday for ????

Today, we headed back to Grand Rapids Apple store to get Eldy's phone fixed. Yesterday, they told us that he would have to bring in his computer, as there might be a corrupted file on his computer that is preventing his phone from working properly. When he upgraded the software, the phone worked briefly without the volume problem, but it soon cropped up again. They don't want to give him a new phone until they've checked his computer, and re-synced the phone again. I'll take my mac in also and upgrade to the latest software. This helps us so that we don't exceed our air card allotted bandwidth/gigs to download software updates. Not only that, but a software or firmware update on an air card can take hours as opposed to minutes on a fast wi-fi connection at the Apple store. The last time we looked at software updates for the computers, it said it was going to be an 8 hour download on the air card!  Granted, we had not updated for quite some time, but that was just too long. That Apple store is ALWAYS busy! It's a fun place to visit as well...all those ipads and iphone 4's to play with!
something you don't want to see

On the way home, we had a scare...we heard a POP, POP, POP! and couldn't figure out what that sound was. I said I thought it sounded like the tire blew..but the car was steering straight and no shake, rattle or roll. Then the tire low inflation light came on. Uh-oh! Sure enough, the tire was going flat FAST! We limped to the campsite and called AAA. Luckily, I had purchased road hazard insurance with my tires from Discount Tire, so we got the spare on, and off we went to Discount Tire in Grand Rapids, AGAIN! to get the tire fixed. It got a tiny cut by something in the road I guess. It's not repairable, so we got a new free tire because I had the road hazard insurance--yay! Hope tomorrow is a quieter day!

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