Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fun!

My daughter, Kerry, has her birthday on Saturday, and she flew into South Bend, IN for the weekend to see her friends and me...So this morning, we said goodbye to our new friends from the Gypsy Journal Rally, and we readied the motor home to drive to Hopkins, MI later today, to Hidden Ridge RV resort. Hopkins, MI is between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, MI. I'm going to visit my daughter for a few hours in South Bend first, and Eldy is going to go on up to Hopkins in the motor home. I am doing a Women's Extravaganza at Hidden Ridge on Saturday for just the afternoon.....I just found out there will be 12 other vendors for the Women's Extravaganza PLUS a chef doing a low fat cooking class in another part of the campground...they've really packed in the entertainment for the campers this weekend.  Guess what Eldy will be doing?  Watching the Notre Dame game on TV....he's quite the Notre Dame fan!

We are over budget to stay at Hidden Ridge (44.00 a night with Good Sam's discount), no specials of course, for Labor Day weekend, but  they've been running specials during the summer months...stay two nights, get the third one's what kind of a place this is...Hidden Ridge has a beautiful pool, one of the larger ones that we've seen for campgrounds, a hot tub in addition, a beautiful huge clubhouse with massive stone fireplace, kitchen, game room in the basement, fitness room, a lake that you can fish in, row a boat in, or paddle around in a small kayak. This resort is VERY family oriented. We have had some of the most fun times there which have been planned by Janie,  and her husband, the camp managers, who work very hard at finding great activities to occupy all campers of all ages. The last time we were there, over Memorial Day weekend, they had a "Wet and Wild" wagon ride. They do this almost every holiday weekend...This is where kids and adults who want to get wet get on a tractor pulled wagon and wage a water fight against the other campers who stand alongside their units armed with the biggest and baddest water squirt guns and hoses, and a wild, wet water fight ensues as the tractor wagon makes its way around the campgrounds twice. We, being the mature adults that we are, went out and purchased the biggest bazooka squirt guns we could find, and proceeded to get throroughly soaked. At one point, Janie's husband donned a snorkel mask and flippers and turned on the fire hydrant to get the wagon riders as they went by!

There are many many activities planned for this weekend--The Wet and Wild Wagon ride, bike races, the cooking show, the women's extravaganza and Saturday night they are going to have a "Minute to Win it"'s just a really fun place to stay! We're looking forward to beautiful weather this weekend, (although it's raining tonight), and a chance to have a campfire once again...At the Elkhart campground, our particular site area did not allow campfires, and besides, it was too dang hot to have one! See you tomorrow....

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