Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tyler Creek Golf Course and Campground

This is a beautiful campground, that's for sure...not very many people are staying here now that the kids are back in school...for 25.00 a night for water and electric, that's a great deal and will allow us to play some golf while we are here....There's a nice playground for the summer season, the sites are spaced apart nicely, and the trees are gorgeous. They haven't started to turn yet, but you can tell fall is around the corner by the shortening daylight hours. The sun is streaming through the trees and it's a crisp day today...low seventies...the weather is going to dip down into the sixties for the next couple of days...Fall is our favorite range of temperatures....We sleep with the windows open every night and the fan going, and it gets COLD in the house, but we like it like that...great sleeping weather as long as you have plenty of blankets or comforters! Notice I said "house". It's funny to run across people who call a 38 foot motor home a "camper." We really do think of the RV as our home now so we don't hesitate to gently correct anyone that it really is a home and not a camper. No offense taken!

We are off to the mall in Grand Rapids this morning to get Eldy's iphone fixed. He's having problems with the volume not working on it even though it's turned up all the way. I've tried it, too, and you can barely hear anyone on it. We've updated the software on it once, and for a brief time, that helped. But now the volume has dropped again, so we'll see what they can do. While we were at the Apple store today, we got a call that our deal with General
has been approved and it's a go! We pick up the motor home this Thursday! We are really excited!

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  1. It is so beautiful. I am so very excited for you guys. Can't wait to see it in person. Congrats. You so deserve this.

  2. Did you get the 40' one? Your coach is fabulous!