Saturday, September 18, 2010

Entertainment tonight!

As we wound down at the end of a busy day yesterday, Eldy decided to program the TV in the living room at the front of the coach. No problems there...He got the antenna and channels programmed. He watched TV for awhile while I unpacked some more and wrote in our blog. Then all of a sudden, he said, "WHAT THE HECK?!!" When he went to turn off the TV he was watching, the second TV beside the kitchen sink had turned on without him doing least that's what he said.  I grabbed the remote and turned the second TV off and the first one went on! Then Eldy turned off one TV, I turned off the second and the radio came on! Now what do we do, he asks me? Heck if I know! We fiddled with some buttons some more and managed to turn everything off without truly understanding how all these electronics work. We had a good laugh about that. And we think we are so techno savy on those kinds of things....HA!

I'd like to say we had a great sleep in our king size, memory foam bed ( we hope that's going to be ok for a couple of aging backs) but the burglar alarm system went off three times in the night over at the General RV store. (We stayed in their free hookup site last night since it took so long for us to move everything) Each time it stayed on for about 15-20 min, which seemed like a half hour, so we waited for security to come and turn the darn thing off. We peeped out our windows, but didn't see any suspicious activity. We finally got back to sleep. Up and at it again this the middle of an all day we neared the end, at a total of 7 hours of moving stuff, you know how when you move, you start throwing everything in plastic garbage bags because you are too tired to deal with it? Well, that's what we did. Besides, it was raining, actually thunderstorming, so we had to be quick about getting the last few things thrown into the Tiffin in a hurry. We'll deal with the bays later. Seven hours later today, (Eldo's comment? "I had no idea all that sh-- was in there!") we were finally cleared out of the Challenger and into the Tiffin.  I decided to hit the grocery store and stock up on freezer stuff as now we have a HUGE residential fridge in the RV, so off I went to Hardings in Wayland, which was practically right next door to General RV.

When I got back, the motor home was GONE! Totally! I called Eldy on the cell phone..."OK, honey, I give...where are you hiding the RV?" He tells me he's in General's garage..what was he doing in there, I ask? In bringing in the slides for the living room in preparation for leaving this afternoon, there was a terrible racket, something was very wrong with the slides. Within minutes of closing the shop for the weekend, the tech guys had him pull into the garage, and they had to file a larger opening somewhere for the slide to move, it was rubbing on something and making a terrible noise. Eldy would have freaked out if the shop had been closed and we were trying to get the slides out ourselves. All is fixed, and we headed to Hidden Ridge, less than 20 min. from the General to get settled for just Saturday and Sunday. We are going to try and use up propane as much as possible to get the levels down for repairs on Monday.  We're having trouble with the water connection at the house panel, so we will try to get a fitting that will stop the leaking. The water connection is inside the RV in a bay, so it's imperative that we get the leaking fixed. When we got hooked up for today, none of the lights came on. We had current at the box, the surge protector says everything was green and circuits were good to go, but nothing was lights, no fridge, nothing...Geez, what now!?  Patience is not one of my virtues, but we started checking the battery disconnect switch on? No? Ok, is anything working at all? As we started to check and recheck everything, all of a sudden, all the power came on. Apparently, there's a delay time period between the electrical being good at the box, and power coming into the house, some kind of safety protection for all our electrical components. Whew! I think we've had enough excitement and work for today! Hidden Ridge is having a wine tasting event at the clubhouse this evening. No if's, and's or but's--we're going! We need it!

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