Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dreamin' of a Tiffin

Repairs are done, but we aren't ready to move back on the road just yet..Both Eldy and I are waiting for eyeglasses to get we decided to head back up to the General RV place in Grand Rapids to just look at motorhomes...we've been pretty frustrated with the lack of storage and kitchen facilities in our motor home...the storage bays on the outside are all different kinds of openings--some swing open sideways, some open upwards on a hinge, some you have to hold open with your head if you are by yourself trying to get something out of a bay....the fridge keeps freezing our food (Total Value says try cleaning the rubber gaskets with rubbing alcohol, so that's on the "honey do list"....either honey can do it)...well, we ended up looking at a beautiful Tiffin, slightly outside our price range...we worked and worked with the budget guys and the salesman trying to get it down, and finally decided that we would look at lesser models. After looking at Winnebagos and a Discovery, we were back to the Tiffin again...decided to bite the bullet and just rework our budgets to curtail eating out, and various other actitivities to be able to afford it. We'll boondock more, we'll stay in cheaper places and with the beautiful kitchen and residential fridge, and me cooking more, we think we can do it...

This morning, Eldy opens up the website to check tank capacities and specs, and low and behold, the Tiffin is on sale, dropping almost $12,000.00 in price, putting it within our budgetary requirements! If Eldy had not seen that, we are thinking that the sales department probably wouldn't have said anything! If this works out, this means we are committed to staying on the road at least ten years....we are really excited. Those photos that went up yesterday, could be our motor home in a couple of weeks! So, we'll's a diesel, it has four slides, a residential fridge, heated bays, king size bed, many more cupboards and drawers, pull out/roll out kitchen counter top, diesel, and it's a four season coach. No more worrying about freezing water pipe lines, and having to worry about cold temperatures...there are two furnaces on board! It has a beautiful, cottage style decor interior in beige and light teal...very beautiful....

Grandkids and children came to the Elkhart campground today for a pizza dinner visit...we really enjoyed their company! After the kids left, we sat outside in our lounger chairs and watched the skies for shooting stars...saw a really long streaking one tonight! First clear night in a long campfires at Elkhart campground, (no fire pits) we had to enjoy just the stars...which was just wonderful!

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