Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Saturday!

Hidden Ridge clubhouse living room

It's a brisk day out today, perfect for having a get-together for the games this afternoon or for people at our campground to come and see what's in the pavilion...I'm serving Carrot Cake Crunch cheeseball mix, beer bread, and a smoked paprika dip mix....I went to get out the sour cream to make the mix, and the darn little RV fridge keeps freezing my food! The sour cream was totally frozen! We've got the controls down to about the warmest setting, and everything is still freezing on the top shelf. Arrrgggghhhhh! It's a tiny little fridge--8.9 cubic feet...sigh! Some of the bigger RVs now have residential refrigerators in them..THAT would be nice!  Of course, we'd have to buy a diesel pusher to get one of those...can't swap out runs on propane or battery, and there's no space for a different size to go in instead. Oh, well....

We will be here until Tuesday, leaving Wednesday to go back to Total Value RV to still get our bathroom floor fixed from the leak that we have had for the last two months. They discovered more work that will involve peeling up the tile floor and possible underlayment damage. Then, yesterday, Eldy discovered a crack in the front side fender in the fiberglass that has split the fender away from the side of the motor home. This could seriously get worse with a bad side wind and the fender could be forced out further. We also found out while staying in Elkhart at the rally, that our brand of fridge is on the recall list. Another item to get looked at when we go to back to Total Value in Elkhart! Geesh! Having a motor home is really no different from a house... We still have things that go wrong as you can we wrapped up things yesterday in Elkhart with the donuts and coffee breakfast, we happened to be sitting with the fire safety guy, Mac, (he trains firefighters) and it was enough to curl your hair after listening to him talk about huge amount of glues and fiberglass used in the making of a motor home and how flammable everything is.  It was enough to scare us into buying more fire extinguishers for the RV. Right now, we just have one by the front door....Refrigerator fires, furnace fires and engine fires are the most common fires in an RV.

Hidden Ridge Clubhouse
Great show today....had fun, talked to lots of people, that's my favorite to see the contest this evening....

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