Sunday, September 5, 2010

Minute to Win it

Great attendance last night at Hidden Ridge's Minute to Win it contest! This is based on the TV show by the same name. You have a minute to perform a certain activity that usually is NOT impossible or embarrassing, like some game shows. They had the computer version set up on an overhead screen for the "blueprint" to show the contestants. They had adults' activities and kids' of the funniest was two young guys in their 20's had long strings attached to their belts with a banana hanging at the bottom just touching the floor. They had to "scootch" an orange along to a circle a short distance away using just the banana. (There were some giggles on that one!) Another one involved rolling marbles across a table top with just enough speed to stay on the table top and stick to the masking tape finish line at the other end. They had prizes for the winners.
view on upper hill of campground

This morning, Hidden Ridge had a scavenger hunt for families. Parents had to participate with their youngsters. The winning family is going to receive a free Halloween weekend stay at Hidden Ridge. Halloween is another great weekend at this resort...everybody decorates their campsite and last year there were AMAZING ghost houses made out of campers, scary looking yard decorations and many, many people dressed up in costume, adults as well as kids....

HIdden Ridge pool area
It's a beautiful day today...temperature in the low seventies, light place to bike ride outside the campground, but we do hop on our bikes and go up a big hill to get to the pool and activities at the pavilion. Definitely gets the heart rate up! It's too cool to go for a swim, so out come the knitting, books and magazines, and planning for where we are going after repairs this week. We're now thinking of heading to South Dakota to change our residency and our RV plates. License plates in South Dakota are about 220.00 for the motor home vs. $1200.00 in Indiana! If we do drive there, Eldy will change over his driver's license and the motor home plates and insurance while I'll keep my Indiana license and car plates for awhile longer as I just renewed. But, that could change, we're just not sure yet where we are headed!... As you start to take notice of RVers and where they are from, full timers usually have Montana, Texas, or South Dakota license plates to lower their traveling and living costs. Since we are traveling full time, we don't have to live in S. Dakota to get these lower rates...but we do have to stay overnight in the state, and then Eldy can apply for license plates, driver's license and health insurance to get our costs way down....guess S. Dakota needs more residents, even if they are on the move! They certainly are RV friendly!

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