Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awesome day today!

It was my first time selling at a rally today...over to the air conditioned building (yay!) to open up this morning about 8:30 AM...there were seminars running all day today so there were ebbs and flows to the people coming through the building....to give you an idea of some of the topics (if you are not a full time camper or RVer, you might think BORING) here's what some of the offerings were just for today:

Tire basics for the RV owner (I'll have to tell you some time about the time we attempted to put air in our tires at a truck stop and we pulled the entire stem out of the tire accidentally! Eldy held his finger in the valve stem until he couldn't squat and hold it any more and had to let go.. that's AIR PRESSURE, AIR PRESSURE, people!!! WHOOSH! and he had let the tire go flat. That sucker went flat in about 10 seconds. I'm running across the street to tell the tire people, "Please hurry, my guy Eldy has his finger on the tire valve stem holding the air in, and can you come now?" ....ok, I already told you the story...the conclusion of the story is that the tire people came long after the tire went flat, we got the tire fixed and got back on the road...thank goodness they were just across the street!)

Some more classes--Managing Digital Photos with Picasa, Beginning Geneology, Blogging Beyond the Basics, Preparing for Alaska (we're thinking about that one!), Cemetery Stories,  5 Insider Tips to Save Money on RV Insurance, Internet Love Story--Living and Working on the Road and lots more.

Jeannie at the rally
I sold some products today, I was happy! Not enough to pay for my booth yet, but that's ok, we are meeting some WONDERFUL new acquaintenances.....we are next to a delightful gal named Gail..she is so funny! We laughed and laughed all day....her husband has been seriously ill and is now feeling better, and after getting to know her, it's a blessing that she can be so delightful and witty despite all the difficulties in their life together...kind of reminds me that people come into your life for a reason...and sometimes it's to give you a lesson about life and the beauty of it while it's yours....you need to cherish the time you have with your loved ones, because you just don't know how long you have them....until tomorrow...Jeannie and Eldy

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