Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Waiting Game....

Our bathroom floor is all torn up and it looks like we will be stuck again at Total Value RV today....they have to re-glue the flooring today and put the toilet back in...while we stayed at the motel last night (we couldn't use access much of the coach because of bathroom repairs and the mess involved with it), we came across a really cool tour that is available to the public from Memorial Day weekend until Oct. 1, 2010. We are not going to do this tour as we are from the area and have experienced all the towns and visited quilt shops, etc., but this would be a wonderful tour for anyone interested in gardening/quilting/flowers to take who are in the area or going to be between now and Oct. 1. Our hotel gave us a free CD for the Heritage tour and a map for the gardens and quilts tour. It looks very interesting, so here's a little about it:

from website
The tour is called Quilt Gardens and Murals...and it is a driveable tour that combines quilting, gardening, and art into a one-of-a-kind event/tour along the Heritage Trail--all around the heart of Amish country--the cities of Elkhart, Bristol, Middlebury, Shipshewanna, Nappanee, Wakarusa and Elkhart South. You will see 17 supersized quilt inspired gardens, 17 handpainted quilt-themed murals, and see 90,000 blooming flowers. This is the 4th annual Quilt Gardens...along the Heritage Trail. The Heritage Trail is one of Life Magazine's Most Scenic maps are available at each official garden site, and a free CD to pop in and play gives you a historical narrative to enjoy as you drive the Heritage Trail on your own. The website link below gives you the sites and where to get the CDs and guides for the tour. While the quilt gardens and murals are located on the Heritage Trail, they are not featured on the CD. This is a flexible, self-guided adventure---sounds like fun and a beautiful way to spend a day on the weekend or even the entire weekend! Check out the link to see some more about the quilt gardens tour....since this is a mac, not sure the link will work directly, but if you copy and paste, I think it will....will have to ask my techie brother about mac links!
from website

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