Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wine and Dine at Hidden Ridge

After an exhausting day moving in a steady rain and at the last minute having to throw what was left into garbage bags into the bays because of a thunderstorm and resulting downpour, we collapsed onto the couches in our new home around 6:00 PM at Hidden Ridge. Back out again to unload some things, and a couple walking their dogs stopped and asked us what year the coach was. When we told them, they said they had our identical twin just down the way! We started talking and an hour later, we had gotten a LOT of useful information about our unit from them and made some new friends in the process. They tried to explain to us why when you turn off one TV, another one comes on, and why we had so much trouble getting them all turned off. It had something to do with the sensor eyes being in a direct line with each other, and the signals bouncing across the room from one TV to another...O-o-o-o-o-k-a-a-a-a-y....we just nodded our heads like we knew what they were talking about. And we think we are so techno savvy! HA! Soon after, I went over the the wine tasting event at the clubhouse at Hidden Ridge. Wow! Hors d'oeuvers galore, beautifully displayed by candlelight...many many different types of wine, lots of people attended..a successful event....

Back to Camping World today to get different organizers for the medicine cabinets--new cabinets mean new measurements which mean the old trays and organizers don't fit. Of course! Back to the campground to install a key holder, some hooks for hanging coats--even though this is a much nicer RV, there STILL is no place to hang coats when you come in the door. I've purchased several 3M Command  brand adhesive hooks which don't damage the wood finish on the walls, and they work wonderfully well. Got some command adhesive picture hanger "velcro" style hooks on the bottom of the digital photo frame so it will stay on the shelf while traveling down the road. Whoever invented that stuff is a genius!

Eldy is outside watching his TV and in 7th heaven..He's sure worked hard to have this motor home. Six to seven days a week for forty-three years in a factory, he deserves to have the home of his dreams. I'm happy that he is in his dream home, and that I get to be here with him in it, it's so beautiful inside and out. It really seems more of a home now and less like a vehicle for traveling. We loved the Challenger and it really prepared us for going full time, but we were ready to move up for full time living. The feelings are a lot like how you feel when you leave your first stick built "starter" home and move up in the world, you always have a fondness for your roots.

....I'm loving the little computer station where my laptop sits in our new home. I can look out the window and see the beautiful green grass and the trees just starting to turn.  We have lots more windows so lots more sunlight streams's very cheery and bright. Tomorrow we head to General to get the propane gauge fixed. It's gonna take all day to bleed the propane out of it. What a waste that they can't recover the fuel from our tank and move it to another tank instead of bleeding it out! They can't fix the gauge unless the tank is empty and there's no other way to do it, according to we will head to the Apple store trying to pass some time and get some software upgrades again. I hope they can help me get my external hard drive to talk to my mac. I transferred some files from my PC to this external hard drive and the mac doesn't recognize it at all. I'm going to be REALLY upset if I can't get the files transferred to my mac because hundreds of digital scrapbooking files are on it. I hope the Apple store can help! Such an interesting place! I'll play around on the ipad for awhile while waiting for tech help. "Angry Birds" is a really fun app to play while waiting! We anticipate having to stay overnight at the General for free if they don't finish the repairs Monday. We've got a "laundry list" of things we've noticed that need fixing...loose ceramic tile, difficult windows to open, a sagging awning, some funny sounds we want them to check out, things like that...until tomorrow...Our plans are to head for the U.P. when the repairs are's an interesting thought to ponder...

"Not all wanderers are lost...."  seen on the back of an RV.....


  1. Dad I love the TV. Jeannie thanks for posting it. Last night I could not picture it. You guys both deserve this. Jeannie you did not have an easy job either. So you deserve it too.

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