Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Funny thing happened on the way to the pavilion...

Forgot to tell the story of what happened to me on the way up the hill this past holiday weekend. I was heading up to the top of Hidden Ridge's campground on my bike, when I spotted a dusty old, weathered wallet at the side of the road. I was glad to take a rest for the moment, as it was about the third time on my bike that day that I had labored up the hill to get something at the pavilion.  The wallet looked like it had some money peeking out of it, and I thought, oh, dear, someone better turn this in. There was a trio of guys at the closest site to the location of the wallet, so I hollered out, "Is anybody missing a brown wallet?" One of the guys sitting at the campsite replied, "No, I guess you might want to think about turning that in. I'll bet someone is wishing they knew where it was." I said, "Yeah, I'll do that.." I bent down to pick up the wallet, and WHOOSH! The wallet scooted three feet past me into the grass. I went, "WHAT THE HECK???!!!!" looked up, and three guys are laughing hysterically. As I pointed my finger and shook it at them (NOT the index finger, people!) one of them said, "Works every time!" They had a fishing line on the wallet and were trolling for unsuspecting passersby to yank the wallet out of reach! That was their entertainment for the afternoon--waiting for someone to fall for their trick. I sure did!

I'm writing the blog today as Eldy is driving. Technology sure is fun when it works well! I've called my insurance guy this morning while on the road, surfed the net, answered emails and written the blog all while traveling "down the road again" on highway 131. Today might be a short blog.....we will be sitting in Total Value RV waiting for our rig to get the fridge fixed, the fender fixed, and the floor fixed in the bathroom. (What's with all the F's today?) Hopefully, we can get it done in one day. If not, we will stay outside in the sites with free hookups tonight provided by Total Value and be back in the waiting room Thursday morning if necessary. We might drive over to Fremont later today to check our storage shed for some items we need for my business. We STILL don't know where we are going after's kind of fun not having any particular destination in mind at the moment, being free from responsibilities of having to be somewhere at some particular time....that's one of the great things about RVing...we can just go or stay...if it's too windy, we stay...if it's too hot, let's go find somewhere where it's not...we like some place, we stay, we don't like it, we pack up and move! But we're getting antsy to get going's great to be in a large city and have places and stores available to get whatever you need, but we have found we really don't need much of anything but the basics....see you tomorrow!
Eldy and Jeannie

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