Monday, July 5, 2010

Tough act to follow...

Each day brings another incredible view even better than the last, some great exercise, and fun as well! we started out the morning at Jeannie's Restaurant...I just had to eat there because the name is spelled the same as mine..she sure cooks a lot better than I do! Pretty amazing breakfast...take it easy afterwards for awhile, wait for the day to get a little cooler, then off we go to another carriage ride in the late afternoon, when the crowds thin out a little. In the summer time, cars line up along both sides of the road when you get near the carriage roads, and it makes it a little hairy pulling off the road and on, or passing cars that stick out in the road a little to get to the parking areas. By going late in the day, we have not had to stick our necks out on the road with our car. Today, the loop was called Witch Hole Pond Loop..about 4.6 miles. We recommend purchasing little pocket books for Mount Desert Island, where Bar Harbor is located. These little books give precise directions for getting around bike trails and hiking trails in and around Acadia National Park. We were rewarded today with a wonderful view of a triple arch bridge, a rushing downstream mini waterfall/rapids. By the way, Bar Harbor is named for the sand bar that low tide uncovers--you can walk the sandbar between Mount Desert Island and Bar Island, and even drive on the sandbar between the two if you have a 4W drive vehicle! We were too pooped tonight to have a campfire..we will make one tomorrow night. Our camping neighbor showed us a new way to have colorful flames in the fire as opposed to buying "Rainbow Flame Sticks" at 1.79 a piece. You take a short piece of copper pipe or tubing, about 3-5 inches long, and wrap the pipe with VINYL hose section, and throw it in the fire..makes amazing colors and beats any commercial flame coloring product. Just fish the copper tubing out of the fire and don't forget to reuse it next time! (It has to be vinyl hose to work.) Probably not the most environmentally friendly combination, but then again, neither are the commercial campfire colorings?


  1. The pictures from the last two days are amazing. I wish I was there to see these beautiful places. I told Ted last night that I want to go to Bar Harbor. He said the only way he is going to Maine is if he can hunt a mouse while we are there. We might have to try that sometime just so I can go there. The only problem is I don't think I would get him on a bike, but you never know. Love and miss you guys.

  2. thanks for your comments, Kristi! We're so glad people are enjoying the blog! Love, Jeannie