Monday, July 12, 2010

Got moxie?

I think moxie means in a loose sense, got nerve? A couple of guys we don't know, had the nerve to work their way across Moxie Falls this morning. Young guys with no sense...crossing slippery rocks in front of the falls to see what's on the other side. How to get there? Drive 19 miles on an old snowmobile trail road pocked with craters, large rocks, ruts, and loose gravel, driving no faster than about 5-15 miles an hour to get there. Definitely, the back roads of Maine are for the four wheel drive vehicles and trucks. Took a photo of Maine's version of "Wally World", a small family house and grounds carved out of the wilderness in the middle of nowhere. After we survived the rugged, bouncy drive careening left and right to avoid the large rocks and potholes, we finally made it to the parking lot, an hour and 15 min. later. We then hiked about .6 of a mile on an easy trail to Moxie Falls, one of Maine's prettiest and largest. Got a video of it for you today....hope you can see it! My laptop with a 64 bit system and windows 7 was not able to display it, but Eldy had no trouble with his Mac viewing it.

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