Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Taste of the Cape

First, let me tell you that the Minuteman Campground within one hour of Boston, is a beautiful, beautiful campground. The lanes back to each site twist and wind around and are kind of narrow, but we really didn't have any problems with getting our 38 ft. motor home backed into a site. There was a small contingency of 5 or 6 Prevost motor homes (million dollar coaches) that came in after us, and they are 40-45 feet long so this campground can accomodate them, too! Have posted a photo of our site, nestled among very tall, mature pines, and the smell is heavenly! It's quite quiet in contrast to the busy, family oriented, noisy Saco Campground in New Hampshire that we just came from. My brother helped us with some ideas of things to do while we were here..He thought of taking the ferry with our bikes to Provincetown,("P-Town") which is at the very tip top of the Cape, the "hook tip" of Massachusetts. So off we went this morning...the ferry was quite expensive, 96.00 a person (including our bikes), but the experience of Provincetown was worth it--the bike trail, the stores and shops, the unusual people we saw--Elsie, the 78 year old crooner that was a man who looked like a woman, dressed like a woman but with the voice of a man, singing on the street for money, "living out my dream"...are you confused? We were...not sure if he/she was in the middle of a sex change operation, or just decided to be a transexual. We biked over 11.3 miles, which was a record for us! Rich didn't know what the terrain would be like, and it definitely had rolling hills and some steep hills. The temperature was perfect today, not too hot, temporary cool down a little from the weather, and we did well, considering my brother routinely bikes 60 miles several times a week! We dipped our tootsies in the Atlantic Ocean, and wished we had brought our bathing suits. We came back from the bike ride and ate at Bubala's, and indoor/outdoor cafe, which was delicious. Interesting stores, cool little niche shops, fun place to people watch, nice breeze blowing through town off the ocean, beautiful beaches, an all around fun day...tomorrow we go back to Boston for some sightseeing and a whale watch tour. Since moose are no longer available for spotting, I'm now into whales!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Campground. Wish I was there. Loved the picture you emailed me of Dad and the hat. Looks like you guys are just loving life. I am sure it is great being with your brother. Very proud of the over 11.3 miles. Great job. Looking forward to the next post. Love and miss ya. We are taking Connor to the fair on Saturday. Should be fun.