Friday, July 9, 2010

Toilet Troubles

Don't worry, not too much information here. We've been battlling a leak for a week that was getting worse. We got the name of a great guy in Ellsworth, a town nearby Southwest Harbor. He drove quite a ways out (18-20 miles)from Ellsworth to Southwest Harbor where our campground, Smuggler's Den is located, to troubleshoot our problem, and together, we decided we were going to have to replace the whole toilet and fittings. Ellsworth RV--repair and sales..great guy, he didn't charge us for the intial drive out to check the problem. He would order us one, and we could get it installed today.He offered to come back out or we could come to his place on our way out of town. This morning, we packed up and off we went to Ellsworth to get the toilet fixed first before leaving for Greenville. 30 min. later, we were done! Great guy, did top notch work and used top notch parts, better than what we had before.

Unh! oof! oooh! crash! "What was that????" that was the sound of the RV hitting potholes, mini potholes and construction zone after construction zone as things rolled around inside and a few things crashed on the floor while we were driving on highway 15 out of Bangor, ME, heading north. Eldy, the masterful driver he is, negotiated cone after cone after cone, and didn't take a single one out! There aren't any other good choices to get to Greenville, ME that we know of, so highway 15 it was. There are always a few things we forget to secure and some things that don't normally slide off the counter DO on a rough road. Nothing broke, and we are settled in at our campsite at Moosehead Family Campground about a mile from Moosehead Lake, which is 80 miles long. We saw several "ATTENTION: MOOSE" signs and in particular, one said, "ATTENTION: high risk area for moose crashes next 6 miles"... One difference we noticed immediately upon arriving is, it's HOT and the flies are out, a lot of them! I think I'm going to miss Smuggler's Den and Acadia a LOT. The campground was great, well run, and clean AND the staff at the office was wonderful. We'll let you know how Moosehead Family campground is in the next few days..we plan to stay here at least through the weekend and probably longer..Wanted to leave everybody with a couple last photos from Acadia and one from today...thanks for reading!


  1. hi I can't believe how far north you guys are out for those moose.i bet they could do alot of damage to a vehicle.glad to hear you got your tolit fixed.have you guys had any lobster yet? I'll keep reading, drive safely.

  2. Eldy ate quite a bit of lobster while we were in Bar Harbor. He says he's had his fill of lobster! I'm not too keen on lobster, so we saved some money, although prices were VERY reasonable there. There were little roadside stands where they'll cook it right there for you. Lobsterman are only getting about 3.00 a pound for the lobsters right now, so you can see how much markup there is as more people get involved with handling them to get them to the restaurants.

  3. You should be at the tail end of "black fly season", but perhaps with all the warm weather they are lasting longer? They are *nasty* biters. We went on a camping trip at the end of June on Moosehead Lake many years ago, and as soon as we got the tent pitched we had to dive inside to escape the flies. You could hear them hitting the sides of the tent while we were inside (it was hot and no breeze, either!). We finally bailed and stayed at a motel with a/c.