Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out of the heat, into the ocean

While a heat wave scorches a great deal of the country, we manage to avoid the worst of it, by being so close to the coast. Yesterday, we decided to get back out on the ocean and take a nature cruise in the middle of the afternoon. We chose the Island Cruise Line as the boat is much smaller, the skipper friendlier and more accessible, and the tour more up close and personal. This cruise only holds about 30-50(?) people when full. If there is bad weather, they have protective coverings, and we did have a downpour for about 15 min. after 45 min underway. What we liked about this tour is that the skipper (Kim Strauss) took us up VERY close to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse and very close to other islands. We saw two kinds of seals, harbor porpoises, cormorants (birds) and got right up next to a lobsterman's boat and talked to him for a bit. The captain pulled up two lobster traps and explained all about lobsters, their size, and all about the politics of lobstering, from the colors of the individual lobsterman's buoys, to how territorial they are about their traps. He would take us to different places in the harbor and bays, and completely shut off the engines so we could get closer to the seals and porpoises and take photos. We got extremely close to a salmon farm and he explained all about that. He also gave us some very interesting information about the history of the islands. It was a two hour trip and was about $23.00 a person, well worth it!


  1. hi you guys I think if Chuck and I get up there in August I think I will see if I can talk him into that cruise. Before you guys leave Maine don't forget to go to Freeport Outlet Mall . Has one of the biggest LLBean stores. Also alot of other great store .Go to the North Face Store. And eat at Friendly Ice Cream.Really enjoying reading your adventures.

  2. That tour sounds really interesting and the cost is really great. Glad to hear you are dealing with the heat. It has been bad here. But we are getting through it. Love and miss you.