Friday, July 23, 2010

Still in vacation mode...

We are off to the subway again today...we drive on route 2 from the campground about 30 min. to the Alewife Station, where the red line takes us to the center of town. Overall, it takes a little over an hour to get to the heart of Boston, driving part way, then taking the subway line. It still amazes us that this beautiful campground, so quiet and peaceful, is so close to Boston.

We have been full timing for just over a month now, and we certainly won't be able to afford to continue doing all these fantastic things on a continual basis. After Boston, we will be slowing down, conserving our costs on where we stay. We hope to stay in more places that are at least 30.00 and under,we have some great deals in other locations that we can use discount cards for, senior passes, etc. By conserving more on where we stay, then we can afford to try some great restaurants and enjoy local tourist attractions now and then.

Today was wonderful. First, lunch with Eldy's nephew downtown, next we visited the Public Gardens (the setting for Make Way for Ducklings book, a popular children's book), which was absolutely beautiful, then we visited the Boston Commons, another park across the way AND we did the Freedom Walking Tour with a guide who was a descendent of James Denton, an inhabitant of colonial Boston. He was so much in character, and very funny, with a really great sense of humor. Great stories, much more in depth than the trolley tour. The trolley tour was a great way to get the very basics, then the walking tour was a wonderful way to get much much more information about the characters from our history books and the time of the Revolution. We got caught in the rain forecast for today, but the guide was great about getting us in and out of the rain and where we needed to go. We decided to have a drink at the oldest tavern in town, the Bell in Hand, which was built in the early 1700's. Then, back home on the subway..We are now experts on the Boston subway system, ask us anything you want! (just kidding)..tomorrow will be our last day, we decided we needed one more day to just to sit and enjoy the campground. We've been on the go so much we haven't even had a campfire yet!


  1. Glad you got to see Matt, hope you had a great time. where are you off to now?

  2. Hey while your out east. go to new port rhode island and see the mansion homes. you can walk near them by the water. very nice area