Monday, July 5, 2010

A terrific July 4th!

We started the day out easy, trying to take it easy on some 60 and 62 year old knees and backs after LOTS of biking and walking. We went to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse at Bass Harbor. The lighthouse itself is closed off to the public, but the grounds are not. This lighthouse is set at the top of some craggy cliffs and boulders, of course. You've heard that Maine has a rugged coastline, well, we decided to explore the coastline up close and personal. There is a steep walkway down to the boulders and rocks at the base of the lighthouse. A couple of aging baby boomers we may be, but we still like a challenge! Down we went and clambered among the rocks. After that, we rewarded ourselves with a great lunch and view of the harbor at Seafood Ketch restaurant. In the afternoon, I did laundry and we relaxed back at the campground for awhile. Around five, we headed back to Bar Harbor for an evening fireworks cruise. The boat tour tells you the history of the houses on the island and you get to see harbor seals...the babies were about five weeks was difficult to see them, as it was getting quite dark, but we were able to see some adults and young pups both. The fireworks were outstanding! (I have to start thinking up different superlative adjectives for these fabulous views and events!) Hope everyone had a safe holiday! We are off for another carriage road bike ride today that has a triple arched bridge along the has been the 70's all week until yesterday, where the heat wave finally hit the northeast. We had temperatures in the high 80's more great thing about our location, NO BUGS! NO MOSQUITOES! can you believe that? It's true!

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