Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in Moose Country

On the road today for about three hours...we are in Danville, Vermont, w-a-a-a-y up north, within 50 miles of the Canadian border. We are on the western side of the White Mountains. We are staying at Sugar Ridge RV/Campground, which seems like a nice campground. It's very well rated in both the Woodall's Camping Directory, and the web review site RV Campground Reviews. We have someone very close to us almost on a diagonal on one side, and our picnic table is right outside their living area window. The sites are not very level, it appears, and the roads going to the sites are very hilly and twisty, but we got in ok. The area in and around Danville appears to be an economically depressed area. Tomorrow we will see what hiking trails are around. Although we passed through the White Mountains on our way here, they are now quite a bit farther away and so we will investigate and see if we can find local areas to hike and bike. The Green Mountains are southwest of us, and I hope we stop off and stay around there before we most likely go to New York and look at the Lake Champlain area. We were in New Hampshire for a couple of hours today while traveling, it is a beautiful state, the mountains and the view thru our large RV windshield were just awesome!


  1. hey if you guys go to washington dc call ryan . I know he would love to see you guys.

  2. you guys are really close to your neighbors.nothing like watching them in their trailer and them watching you the minuteman camp ground better.

  3. You two have been busy! Some really interesting places, and of course, great pictures. And I learned something about you, Jeannie; I did not know you were born in Boston! I'm so glad your family migrated to the Midwest! :) Are you planning on crossing the border into Canada? that could be a trip in itself!