Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eldo's a travelin' man

We spent most of today on the road from Greeville, ME to North Conway, NH...no photos today, we were in the RV all day. I'm not sad to leave Greenville...it was a typical sportsman camp type town..a haven for fishermen...lots of moose, but they sure kept themselves hidden. Just a few restaurants and motels/bed and breakfast, some great places to eat, but a sleepy town...you really had to drive a ways on logging roads and snowmobile trails to get to hiking in the area. If you have your own kayaks or canoes, there were many, many places to put in and enjoy the fantastic waterways around Moosehead Lake and ponds. The trip out of Greenville was on very rough roads, south on 15 then snaking our way through small towns to get to a major highway, 95, then smooth sailing pretty much the rest of the way to North Conway. Today we used an atlas with our GPS on our phones. It seems that darn GPS more times than not will take us through winding, circuitous, back road routes when there really are more direct ways to get somewhere! We do have to worry about low bridges on the back roads. We are sitting at 12'6" high, and some of the bridges on the smaller highways are not lableled as to how high they are. We nervously watched for large trucks and semis coming in the opposite direction so we knew that if they were navigating through these areas, we were probably ok. The GPS told us we were at our destination when we were sitting in the middle of the street in front of an LL Bean store. Not a bad place to be, but it wasn't the Saco Family Campground which was up the street about a half mile. One of the more useful apps we use on our phone is "State Line". I may have mentioned it before, but it tells you regulations for each state as you pass through, whether you need a supplementary brake system on your tow vehicle or not, highway speed limits, and many other useful tidbits of information that you might need to know when you are traveling all over the country.

We have a great site at the campground, 30 amp service for 38.00 a night with water, electric, cable and sewer. Eldy has not had cable for about two weeks, so he's thrilled to have some TV time, especially since it's raining cats and dogs today. We are trying to keep campground costs to 30.00 and under, but as we are just starting out full timing, we'll gradually dial it down and get used to a little more rustic campgrounds and settings. (Moosehead Family Campground had pit toilets, does that count? lol)

There are great discounts out there for full time RVers and campers--to name a few-- Good Sam's, Escapees, Family Motor Coach, Passport of America (50% off regular rate for some campgrounds) and a senior lifetime pass for national parks, Bureau of Land Management places, (which was 10.00 for lifetime pass) etc. We are watching to see which ones will be used the most whether or not we will renew them after a year. Eldy reads several RV blogs and that's how he found out about these discounts.

Looking forward to exploring North Conway...there are many many physical activities here that we plan to participate in...hiking, disc golf, regular golf, and more. Eldy says there's a zip line here...that's a relatively new (?) exercise craze, I believe...you get hooked up to a harness and a pulleys, and you follow the line across something, what, I don't know! Usually, it's a gorge, like in S. America, but the craze has hit the states, and places are getting on board to offer this activity for families. Not sure if I will do that or not! I'd be more inclined to try rock climbing! (0ooooh, that was a bad pun, sorry!)

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