Thursday, July 8, 2010

These feet ain't made for walkin'

Our first hike today...I guess we've been so busy enjoying the carriage roads that we've put off the hiking part. Since it's our last day here, we decided to tackle a hike route called the Flying Mountain hike. It was listed as a "moderate" hike and for once, we agree with that. We were rewarded with fantastic views of the Somes Sound, which is the only fijord on the east coast in North America, I'm told. I came home and had to soak my feet in cold water after clambering around the rocks and roots. That's why I said my feet aren't made for walking. Even with good hiking shoes, I have arthritis in my toes and they were a-hurtin' at the end of the hike! It was about a two mile hike depending on what off shoots of trails you choose to follow, and where you start. These trails are marked very very well. They use blue paint swatches on the rocks and trees and makes it easy to follow the trail. We each also carried hiking poles which worked really well for us helping us with our balance and anchoring ourselves as we came down rocky ledges and slippery slopes. We got them from REI outfitters. There are cheaper ones out there, but these are for serious hiking which we plan to keep doing! We polished off the day with a wonderful meal at Galynn's Restaurant, right downtown in Bar Harbor.

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