Saturday, July 24, 2010

Impromptu is the word of the day....

Well, at last report, we were going to go to New York. But, Eldy in doing his daily browsing and Internet research on this and that, said, "Hey, I think this area looks kind of interesting, what do you think?" My form of research as far as where I want to go next is, after hearing from my brother that Vermont has fabulous cheese, that was it for me, CHEESE! Let's go to Vermont! We just happened to mesh our thoughts on that one...that and the current roasting temperatures out in the midwest and east keeps us wanting to stay north. When you are full timing, you can do that...isn't that great!? We don't seem to have any trouble agreeing on where we want to go next. We're lucky in that we both like the same kind of climate, cool! I would think it would be important to lay out some of those things before you make a commitment to hit the road. You really have to have your partner be flexible and understanding about individual needs for space, entertainment, quiet time, TV time, things like that. Everything is magnified in a motor home, even if it is 38 plus feet! We're both flexible, right, Eldy?...We like places where you can go hike and bike, and be near water or mountains to help moderate temperatures during this hot spell. We seem to be ready after about four or five days in one place to go somewhere new...after awhile, full time RVers tend to spend more time in places, several weeks or more after they've been doing it for awhile. But we're still exploring...Eldy does a GREAT job of finding the general area we think we'd like to go explore, then he gets on the website RV Campground Review, and fellow campers tell you exactly what to expect from the campground you are thinking of staying at...I've done a few reviews myself. We also use Woodall's Campground Directory for different sections of the country. They rate the facilities and tell you what amenities are available. I am really going to miss the quiet and beautiful campground at the Minuteman Campground in Littleton, MA, but I can honestly say, I won't miss the subway...the oldest in the country, by the way! (photo today is view out our back bedroom window at the campground and a few extras of Boston visits) We spent today relaxing by the pool, grocery shopping and one last visit with my brother in's about a three hour drive to Danville, Vermont tomorrow, to the Sugar Ridge RV and Campground.

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