Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rock Surfin'

Maybe I'll start a (see photo today)..just kidding around was my 60th birthday. Since we did such a strenous hike yesterday, we looked around for some more waterfalls with an easier approach! We found some at Glenn Falls. This is on the way to Wildcat Mountain, again about a 35 min. drive from our campground. A VERY short hike, .3 of a mile, along the Ellis River, a relatively fast moving body of water with tons of boulders, eddies, and pools, rushing past narrow breaks in the rocks, then culminating in a 64 foot waterfall over a narrow path carved into rock, cascading down below. We could see the Ellis River all along the path as we walked towards the falls. This was a much more powerfull waterfall, although not as high as yesterday because of the forced narrow path of exit over the rocks. It doesn't take much encouragement to get me to clamber around on the rocks, so Eldy can get the right photo. Someone was kind enough to offer to take our photo, so we did the same for a couple more people coming through. Back to the town of North Conway, for some pizza at Flatbreads...a very unique dining experience with cooks making the pizza and cooking them in a wood fired oven right in front of you, everything organically made just about, and local farm produce used. Very cool management policies posted, and an interesting approach to dining. Culmination of the day was birthday cake! Yum! Today was our last day here in New Hampshire...tomorrow we are heading for the Minuteman Campground in Lexington, MA to see my brother. I probably won't post tomorrow as it will be a day for traveling and getting settled. Bye for now!


  1. What wonderful pictures. I wish I would have known it was your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. I will have to make up for it when you are here at the end of August. Have a safe trip and talk to you soon. Love ya.

  2. Happy Birthday (belated)

    Is sit next to Kristi @ work...

    Love your Posts!!! We'll be behind you in about 10 years!!