Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Blue Rooster, NOT So Boring!

Sarasota, FL        High:   85      Low:   68

The last couple of days have been kinda slow, but not this evening! We are starting to follow our friend Steve Arvey, the talented blues guitarist around town at various venues...He and his significant other, Rebecca Bird, are an awesome vocal duo as well, and they perform together and/or separately all over the place! Tonight they were at the Blue Rooster...The Blue Rooster is another awesome venue/bar/club to hear great musical talent of all kinds in Sarasota. It's as cool outside as it is inside. Here Eldy is checking out a sculpture of horns just outside the big doors...He's looking to see if any of the horns were made by his instrument company, Blessings Music. Unfortunately, he didn't see one in the bunch.
Sparky liked the Coke tailed rooster out front of the club, too.
And Steve's red shoes that were cool like wingtips and red shirt....Here he's taking a phone call before coming in and playing.

It's AMAZING to us the number of places you can go to hear wonderful jazz, the symphony, blues and rock and roll bands here in Sarasota...Many older musicians have retired here, and they continue to play which means Sarasota is loaded with musical talent and there's something going on every single night of the week! It's really hard to decide where you want to go hear some great music! Tonight, George Worthmore, a terrific guitar picker, ragtime and blues player was doing a recording session at the Blue Rooster, and Steve and Rebecca were there, too to perform with him.....There were a couple of gals who sang with George that were just awesome and had some serious vocal chops....We didn't catch their names, sorry to say....

We had a wonderful time listening to George and friends.....George's guitar picking reminded Sparky of Chet Atkins.....He was GOOD!

It was fun to see how live recording sessions go. When we first got there, they had the crowd practice clapping and cheering, while testing out the mikes. The inside of the club is very cool.....

The food is wonderful, too! Eldy had some CHICKEN biscuit sliders with red pepper jam and sorghum butter....
Sparky had a wedge salad with marinated shallots....Delish!
And of course, Sparky had to try some dessert as the food was wonderful. Here's a strawberry something with strawberry mousse, fresh strawberries, sauce, and pound cake....It had some kind of little strawberry crunchies on it that were almost like Fruit Loops!

The singers that performed with George were fantastic!

George's guitar pickin' was fantastic, too! Did we say we heard some fantastic music tonight! Yep, we sure did! It was great to see Steve play with George.....

We will DEFINITELY be back to the Blue Rooster another time!


  1. Looks like a great place to spend an evening. Sarasota is pretty amazing in terms of the great white sand beach, live music, good food, and other cultural opportunities it has to offer. Love the large metal rooster.

  2. Another fun evening with great looking food too!