Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Boring Day!

Sarasota, FL        High:  85       Low:   68

When you are winding down and thinking about leaving soon (about ten days), you tend to SL-O-O-O-W down on your activities, at least we do!  We're starting to think about doing some deep cleaning of the rig, some polishing, some moving stuff around to store better for a trip....Eldo has seen Sparky's craft corner creep towards taking up the entire window shelf by the dinette. First, she had a small basket. Then it was TWO baskets, then it was a bigger basket, then a BOX. THAT'S not good! Eldo is worried about Sparky's burgeoning craft supplies taking over the rig! Sparky kept the picture small so it doesn't look so bad, haha!

All that stuff will ROLL big time driving down the road, so Sparky has to get her act in gear and clean house. Now, the dilemma! Where the heck is she gonna put all that stuff?  (You mean all that JUNK! says an exasperated E.)  Not sure, but she's gonna work on it this week...

Another boring day for our readers? We hope not...but that's the way it is sometimes when you are just relaxing and taking it easy, for a change! We've been hanging out at the pool occasionally..."Noodling" as the grandkids say...Sparky takes her noodle down to the pool and then you just hang out on it for an hour and talk to anybody who happens to talk to you! There aren't too many friends left in the park to talk to at the pool, they've all gone home! It sure is a beautiful outdoor pool!

This morning we headed to the Broken Egg for breakfast, we usually go there about once a week...It's one of our faves as you can tell by the smile on Eldy's face.

Not the best breakfast for you, but it is for Sparky! The potatoes--YUM!--at least three different kinds, with sweet potato chunks and purple potatoes as two of the kinds, and with onions and green peppers. They are wonderful!
After breakfast, we have a little tradition of driving around Lakewood Ranch where the Broken Egg is located, to the lakes to look for birds and gators....Not much happening today...

The rest of the day was spent doing a little driving around more neighborhoods in the area, checking out open houses....Sparky likes to look at decor, just to get ideas of what's out there...It seems like such a LONG time since we've had our homes, that it's fun to look to see what the trends are here in Florida. After we got back, we noticed that Lazy Days has set up camp in Sun 'n' Fun with about ten rigs. Ever heard of a Palazzo? We hadn't! But there's one here.....
Guess they thought with a rally of over 200 coaches coming in to the park this week, they would bring in some coaches to drum up a little business! Forgot to note which manufacturer has this one.....

This was an American Coach...It looked really pretty on the outside.....There wasn't a salesperson available when Sparky was out riding her bike looking at them, but Spark has no business looking at one anyway! We have a really nice coach! (Tiffin Phaeton 40 foot QTH in case anybody is curious!)
Wonder if they will do any sales here?

Sun 'n' Fun is hosting a big rally this week...They've done an awesome job of getting over 200 coaches into the park in a timely manner...Today was the first official day of the rally, and they were just a rollin' in one right after another....

Wonder if Sparky and Eldo will have anything going on tomorrow? We think we will! Check back and see......


  1. Your boring days never seem boring to me! I just looked at the start of your leather wrap bracelet and it looks great. I have been trying to learn how to make these on my own. Guess a class would really help. Can't believe how big your grandson is already.

  2. Does not sound like a boring day to me. Actually kind of nice and relaxing. Maybe too slow for you thou.
    Have fun.

  3. Paul is worried about me and my crafts also. I am going to sort through what I absolutely need to take before we hit the road this fall.

    Nope, never heard of Palazzo.

  4. Yup, I'm starting to look around and remember where I stored this and that. After sitting for 5 months, it's time to remember how to pack up!

  5. I can't imagine packing up to move after 5 months. You guys have courage I'll say that. Who is sponsoring the rally? Bet it will be fun to observe and maybe you can do walk throughs of the coaches. Must be some heavy hitters if Lazy Days brought coaches from Tampa to sit around and 200 coaches are coming. How many sites does Sun N Fun have? I didn't know it was such a big place.