Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking a Break for a Day...

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It seems really inconsequential to be posting a blog about the things Sparky and Eldo did today when we have another incident of an attack on our the heart of Boston, Sparky's birthplace. So we will hold off on our doings and take a little break today.

Sparky has family there, they are all ok, Sparky has personal friends who had siblings running in the race, they are ok, Eldy had friends' children running the marathon, they are ok..Everyone we personallly know and who might have been hurt or close enough to have harm come to them are ok. It's really amazing how many people we knew who were so close to this happening today in Boston. Thank God for that, but prayers go out to those families who had family members who were hurt, injured or killed...So Sparky is only going to post this today.......
i98.3 photo from Facebook

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  1. Sadly, this is another demonstration of how evil the world can be and looking at history likely has always been. The response to the attack by the Boston authorities was quick and professional. Another sad day for all of us.