Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nokomis Beach Drum Circle

Sarasota, FL      High:   76    Low:   67

We had the kids meet us at Nokomis Beach for drum circle this evening...They missed being able to see one over Christmas, so we wanted them to experience one before they leave in a couple of days. Sniff, sniff....

The drum circle is a really fun place to people watch...Show up about an hour or two before sunset, watch the guys come in and set up....
Check out the little ones....

The performer gals come in and set up a celebratory "altar" of sorts with flowers, leaves or other such things. Watch the other performers "set up shop". There's the bead bracelet guy, but Sparky didn't get his photo this time. He always thinks she wants to buy a bracelet. Heck, she'll make one herself! This time, there was a gal selling homemade hula hoops for five bucks.
Trevor's dad bought one for him. He's quite the hula hooper! And anything that involves other kids, Trevor immediately goes out and introduces himself and rapidly makes new friends. Here the gals who do scarf dances made a little limbo scarf and Trevor had fun participating for a bit. He's in the turquoise blue shirt.

It was fun to see the drum circle again, but the performers were very few...The ones that normally dance, the hoop dancers and the belly dancers were not there while we were there....But some of the regulars from Siesta Key were there...Glad to see them again! Sherry of In the Direction of Our Dreams blog, says that this guy is a spiritual healer. (Sparky THINKS she said that but isn't for sure....) Love his bowler hat, and man, is he in shape for an older guy!
He was VERY encouraging of the tourist/visitors to the drum circle tonight. "Way to go, girl!" to a little girl trying to hula hoop, "All right, man!" to the drummers. "YEAH, baby!"
The scarf ladies were there....
There was a lady in a cool costume who danced a little today....
The fan lady.....
The people who bring their own drums to participate....
The drummers are a fun bunch..Sparky thinks this guy looks a LITTLE like Richard Gere, the actor...
Brian and his family went down to the beach and saw several stingrays swim by...Cool! They really love the beach....
                                                      The end to a wonderful day!


  1. Just more fun in the sun, gotta love those drum circles.

  2. Do they do this every night? or how do you know when to go to the beach and which one?

    1. Wednesdays and Saturdays are at Nokomis Beach, Sundays are at Siesta Key Beach

  3. Nice that they were able to experience the drum circle. I bet they enjoyed it!

  4. Glad your family was able to experience a drum circle on the beach. Looks like you made a special memory together.

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