Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning in the Winter?

Sarasota, FL      High:   65   Low:  45

Well, Sparky is just all turned around...She's now spring cleaning the rig in the winter (!) in preparation of the kids coming. Why not? It feels like a spring day with temps in the low sixties....Although busy cleaning, it was a quiet day today.....While Sparky was cleaning, she had Eldo investigating a new RV tip for the week. He came across the importance of keeping the kick plate and condensor coils clean on a residential fridge. We knew the coils were on the outside compartment of the rig, so first we checked the kick plate. The kick plate wasn't bad at all. We took the cover off to check the under space and it was very clean. You have to open the freezer compartment to access the screws to the kick plate to take the whole kick plate cover off. We thought it would be a good idea to check the area behind the kick plate just to make sure everything was ok. We don't have pets, so no pet hair to clog the openings, just Eldy's chest hair. :-)  You'd be amazed at how hair flies around in the rig and lands in the darndest places! OK, T.M.I....too much information, sorry! (Geesh, woman! Do you have to share EVERYTHING?) Uh, sometimes....There are just two little Phillips screws holding the kickplate on, one on each side. Here the cover is off. There's really nothing to be seen in the way of parts to the fridge underneath the kick plate cover.

But the outside coils? Yup, dirty as could be. You can't use one of those traditional "under the refrigerator" brushes to clean them. You have to have a long handled skinny paintbrush to do the job. You are going to have to unscrew the cardboard cover to access the condenser coils which makes more sense than trying to poke a paintbrush through the cardboard slats. But the condenser coils are so skinny and narrow, you'll still need a skinny paintbrush to clean them.

We're going to have to go get one. We couldn't get in the slots with a craft paintbrush that Sparky had. Good excuse to go visit Michael's and get another one! Heh, heh, heh.....  :-)

Sparky made some more Christmas mini ornaments....Went to spin/cycle class, and this afternoon, went to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, that's a really fantastic place...all about that tomorrow! We're heading over the pool for karaoke with Danno this evening. There is a guy that looks and sounds just like Willie Nelson who usually sings usually. There is some GREAT vocal talent here at Sun 'n' Fun. If you feel like checking him out, here's the link to a short YouTube video I took on my little point and shoot camera.
Willie Nelson Lookalike

We met up with some new friends, Edie and Gary, from Chattanooga, TN, at the bar and enjoyed the karaoke that OTHERS did. It's amazing how great the singers are here at Sun 'n' Fun. Hardly ANYBODY sang off key...(That would be me, I can't carry a tune, says E.) Not only that, but he has no clue when he's NOT in key which is 90% of the time nor can he tell when anybody else is not in key. Sparky can carry a tune pretty well, and belts out tunes all the time in the car when by herself, but put her in front of a mike, and all of a sudden, she forgets parts of songs, gets flustered, and doesn't do so hot. So for now, Sparky will remain an appreciative listener until 1) she has about four glasses of wine, 2) there's ten minutes left of karaoke, 3) or hardly anybody is in the bar. If all three of those conditions are met, you MIGHT see Sparky up at the mike! Sparky needs to pick a few songs, download some tunes and rehearse.....

Time to go practice....See ya later......