Friday, December 7, 2012

A Testimonial And......

Sarasota, FL     High:  78    Low:  61

Boy, are we impressed with the Swagman Company!  We bought a bike cover for our two bikes in October, and never got it on yet, because we couldn't figure out how to do it! Getting ready to pack up and move to a new destination, you THINK you know how to put it on, how hard can it be? But you don't, so you give up for the time being until a better moment comes along. When we got ready to leave Gulf State Park, we decided it was time to put it on. Just one problem.....
The coil had separated and no amount of fiddling, pulling, tugging or zipping up and down could get the one side to match up with the other. So Sparky wrote the company, and offered to send a photo showing the problem. She got an email the next day, "send us your address and we'll mail another one out for you." No photo proof of problem needed, no need to send the old  one back in, we'll just send you a new one. They cost quite a bit, we paid 75.00 for the two bike cover. They SHOULD send us a new one! Sparky expected an offer to exchange the old one for a new cover, but she never expected not having the hassle of shipping the old one back. Yay! Thank you so much, Swagman!
Lawn bowling greens at Sun 'n' Fun
Beautiful weather we are having...high seventies, no rain for days and days...and no wind! Lots of lawn bowling going on at Sun 'n' Fun, but Sparky is not interested in that. How about shuffleboard, Sparky?
Nope, not ready for that, either...but they sure have beautiful courts here at Sun 'n' Fun!

Sparky wants to KAYAK! She needs to find a kayaking destination around the little keys here--Bird Key is one she's heard about.There are no shortages of places to kayak here in Sarasota but for now, kayaking is on the back burner. It's off to explore the surrounding area of Sarasota by car...maybe a beach or two....Bye!


  1. It's nice to see a company stand by their products. We've learned to take the time to contact different companies when we've had a problem with an item. Most of the time we've gotten help. Pays to ask, I guess. I hope you get some kayaking in. Not doing any here!

  2. It is nice to get good service from these companies, their best advertising is word of mouth!

  3. Very nice to hear about the swagman. We have one too and really like it although we can't leave it on the bikes if we are driving the car because it blocks the rear view window and the brake lights. Good for towing and storing at the site though.