Friday, December 28, 2012

Being a Grandparent is Hard Work!

Sarasota, FL       High:  66    Low:   48

A cold front and stormy weather blew through Sarasota today...Which is just as well, because we were on the road to the Tampa airport picking up remaining family members.   Hint:  He's little, he crawls and now stands up, and his mom gave him a great name. Can't say any more than that, for privacy reasons and his mom's wishes....Aunt Kelly is really enamored with him and he with her. Aw-w-w-w.

Seems like the day was spent on the road in bad weather, mostly...We got back, got settled and got everybody organized and ready for dinner.

So why are we so exhausted!? We didn't work out, we didn't hike, we didn't spend all day at the beach getting dehydrated, we're just pooped! Guess all the excitement, figuring out who's going to be where and when, who's bringing what for dinner, the organization of a big family and what we are going to do the next day wears old people out! Being a grandparent is hard work but lots of fun, too!

We're having a ball with the kids, and they are so appreciative of being here...

Sparky got to babysit for her little grandson for awhile while her daughters went and got pedicures together....He sure is a strong baby! Yesterday, he pulled a kitchen chair over on top of himself. Scared the heck out of him, but he was ok. He crawls with his little back legs up in the air, not using his knees. He's like a little crawling, moving tripod. He LOVES books and Grandma read him a couple of stories today. He likes to look at your lips while you are reading and finds that VERY fascinating.

Grandma finds HIM very fascinating and had a ball playing with him today with rolling his little weighted ball back and forth. He studies everything you do with intensity and determination to figure out what the heck YOU are doing!

The family has lots of plans for the next couple of days...A trip to Myakka State Park, a trip to Siesta Key Beach, the Ringling Brothers Museum, and more....

See you later somewhere in Sarasota!


  1. Yep you gonna be real busy, having too much fun.

  2. Glad that grand baby finally arrived. What a little doll he is. I just want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks!

  3. That new grand is a dor a ble. . .but they are hard work at that age. . .can't take your eyes off them for one second. . .have fun!

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  4. Such a cutie. And that is the reason that we don't have babies when we are in our 60's. A couple of hours and we're exhausted. But such a great time.

  5. How cute!! George misses his granddaughters. Have a blast with your family!