Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas "Miracle"!

Sarasota, FL       High:  77     Low:  53

Can't ask for  more perfect weather! Almost every day, someone in the park says, "Another day in Paradise!"  Yep, it sure is...We are hoping fervently the weather stays warm for the family visit. Everybody is arriving December 23. Wouldn't you know, the weather temperatures are going to drop like a rock, two days after Christmas. Like from the high seventies down to the mid sixties...phooey!  At least that's what the Accuweather app says. Sparky wants to get her little grandson into the pool, but Mama Kerry says, not if the air temp is that cool!  Maybe it will change and the cold front will hold off......But the Weather Channel app differs from the Accuweather app. Sparky likes the Weather Channel app better. It says high of 75 two days after Christmas. YEAH! Baby pool, here we come. And yes, Sun 'n' Fun has a kiddy pool section with a cascading water fountain. And they also have a cool "jumping pad"...but that's for older children for sure!

Sparky just about has her little tree decorations finished. Each cottage that the kids are going to stay in is going to have a little tree decorated with mostly hand made ornaments. Today, Sparky made little crocheted gingerbread men for the trees. And here are the little trees so far....

Sparky is trying to take advantage of all the health benefits here at Sun 'n' Fun with the exercise classes and the swim exercise class. Eldy says he's even thinking about checking out the workout room with all the weights and machines. Be still my beating heart! He rode his 30 minutes on his bike this morning before Sparky was even out of bed! Way to go, Eldo!  The fitness center is a state of the art facility, someone in the park said about five million. The workout studio where Sparky does the spin/cycle class is absolutely beautiful! What a facility!
We have NO excuses for not getting in better shape while we are here, that's for sure!

Sparky worked some more today in the rock shop, polishing some stones for making into necklaces once we leave here and no longer have all the rock polishing/lapidary equipment at our disposal...You know, there's even a stained glass workshop here...Will have to check that out....

It was a VERY humid day...ugh! We spent time at the pool, enjoyed the breezy, sunny afternoon, AND---Eldy decided to check out the workout room today. ELDO GOT ON THE TREADMILL FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE!  It's a Christmas miracle! You can tell it's his first time because he's not wearing workout clothes...He doesn't have any!  Eldo proudly sent a photo to his granddaughter of him on the treadmill, and she says, "What's with the old man wearing jean shorts to work out in?" And Eldo says, "Because that's all I own!" and she replies, "Oh, dear me, no!"

He did a mile! Sparky was REALLY impressed....He did the treadmill today after doing TWO 30 minute bike rides earlier in the day! Holy cow! What has gotten into this man? Just when you think you know your better half, they surprise you! Looks like Sparky might have to get Eldo some workout clothes for Christmas! Or we'll head to Goodwill and see what we can find until Sparky determines whether this is going to be a maintained goal or not......  :-)

We like Sun 'n' Fun so much, we've decided to stay another month. It really kills our campground budget, as prices are very high in January, February and March at Sun 'n' Fun, but we will be ultra conservative in February and March and use our Thousand Trails parks to make up for it. We really love this place, and things REALLY start hoppin' in January with more classes and activities.

OK, time to get goin' today...lots to do....Kids come in three days...can't wait!


  1. Looks like you are having way too much fun, hope the weather holds for the visitors.

  2. Definitely sounds like you love this place. Great idea to extend. Life is short. Do what you love. Way to go Eldo!! Keep it up! Can't wait to see you in workout clothes.";-)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! Merry Christmas!

  4. How nice of you to make nice little Christmas trees for the others. I'm sure they'll appreciate a nicely decorated cottage when they arrive. I sure hope the weather cooperates. This is supposed to be the strongest cold front so far this season. Hopefully, you're far enough south to dodge the worst of it.

    I guess you decided to cancel your Keys reservation.

  5. I think Eldo's trying to convince Santa Claus that he's been good. :)

  6. I am so proud of you Dad. I love seeing you so active and it will just make it so you and Jeannie have lots of years on the road loving what you are doing. All it takes is a little time out of your day to stay healthy. GREAT JOB!!! Can't wait to get there and we can do it together.
    Love you Kristi