Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun at Sun 'n' Fun Continues

Sarasota, FL      High:  73   Low:  51

We had a wonderful Christmas....Eldo and Sparky went to each of his grandkids' cottages to make an early morning visit..Eldy has a custom of giving each grandchild a Lifesaver's Book. Eldo looks excited because he sees a whole bunch of candy on the floor that Santa left. We should have bought some candy for us! But we were good and didn't!

And Kristi looks tired this Christmas morning. Don't all parents of young children after Santa has come?
Brian's kids were up at 3:00 AM!  When Sparky was a kid, her dad made her and her three brothers and one sister wait until he was up, had shaved and had his morning orange juice! Then we had to sit at the top of the stairs and wait until he turned out his floodlights to get ready for a movie of us running down the stairs only to be blinded by the floodlights. We couldn't see our presents for the first few minutes!  Our Christmas family movies show consistently squinty eyed kids every year blinded by the lights.  :-)

Sparky cooked Christmas Day today! (It's another Christmas miracle! exclaims E.) Well, don't get too excited, it was a spiral pre-baked ham, Sparky made mashed potatoes because she had to show the kids you didn't need a mixer to make lump free mashed potatoes, the gravy was courtesy of Publix grocery store, and Lori, Eldy's daughter-in-law made green bean casserole. Kelly helped Mom Sparky get everything ready. Eldo peeled the potatoes, that was his contribution.
Eldo sat at the little kids' table to keep an eye on those rambunctious grandsons....

Sparky is working hard on getting Ted, Eldy's son-in-law to smile on family photos, but it sure is hard work! And he has such a great smile when he does. But not quite today....He's holding back...Sparky has to tease him to get him to smile just a little....Connor is cracking up, Ted, almost.. C'mon, Ted! You can do it!

Sparky and Kelly took Moxie for a long walk.....After another long day at the pool, the young grandkids crashed early.....
Cate and her mom
Eldo and Sparky crashed back at home....It was a wonderful Christmas Day spent with family.....Hope yours was wonderful, too! Bye for now......


  1. Christmas keeps going in your life! Everyone looks so happy :)

  2. Looks like you created a wonderful warm Christmas for everyone. Love that picture of you two in the Santa hats. It's a keeper!

  3. Such a great time with family, too much fun and does wear you out.

  4. Definitely a very Merry Christmas for you guys. That's the best kind.