Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Sunny in Sarasota at Sun 'n' Fun!

Sarasota, Fl      High:  82     Low:  57

And it's HOT! Time to turn on the air conditioning! We are settled in our site, 923, sandwiched in amongst three park models here at Sun 'n' Fun in Sarasota FL...We're a little disappointed in what the site looks like, but when we booked our reservation last April, we were trying to get several cottages and our RV site relatively close together for when all our kids come down at Christmas for a week. So they plunked us down in an area heavy with park models...That's ok..We can live with that...It's called a "premium site"...You get a concrete pad patio, a picnic table, but you park the rig on grass. A standard site is all grass, but they are roomier. There are a LOT of options for rigs at this park, with about 1500 residents full and part time at the park. At the time of the reservation, the monthly rate was 1120.00. Ouch! But--we've been conserving and saving for this park for some time, needing a place where all our children can come down, have fun, be fairly close to the beach (Siesta Key Beach)  and have plenty of things for young grandchildren and the adults to do without having to have a car and drive a ways to get to anything. So Sun 'n' Fun it is! The amenities are fabulous, and we'll be telling you all about them later. We'll have various site photo locations later so you can see what they have.

Our site is centrally located to all the fun stuff...close to the beautiful pools...Outdoor....
And the indoor one, just behind the outdoor pool.....Sparky plans on swimming a LOT of laps this month....

We've already been down to hear/see the live music which is offered often at poolside, they even have a place to dance if the moment strikes you. We've sat and had a couple of beers for Eldo and wine for Sparky at the newly remodeled bar with multiple TV's right there at the pool, too. Fun! The pool is absolutely beautiful at night....

It was our first full day here so time to do laundry...Decent prices to wash and dry, a really nice laundry facility--both under 2.00. Sparky needed to get caught up!
We ran errands, checked out Costco's in Sarasota for Christmas dinner supplies later down the road, and then took it easy this afternoon. A gentleman stopped by and just HAD to say, "GO NOTRE DAME!" when he saw Eldy's lawn flag. He and Eldy chatted football for a bit. He seemed almost as enthusiastic a Notre Dame fan as Eldy is!

Then we headed to Chili's for their "two for twenty" deal for supper....It was great!  A free appetizer from a choice of several on the list along with a choice of about six entrees. We each picked a six ounce steak, loaded red skin mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was plenty to eat and a great value.... AND--Sparky and Eldo got their 30 minute bike ride in today after supper to try and stay current with Eldy's daughter's Christmas physical challenge...Yay!     See you tomorrow....


  1. Looks like an awesome resort, enjoy ther area and all those facilities.

  2. Wow, what a nice place! Love that pool.

  3. Thats an incredible Pool!! Looks like a place we may want to go! We haven't taken the wheelhouse to Florida yet.