Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sparky and Eldo Commit a Felony? GASP!

Sarasota, FL      High:  78   Low:  60

(Boy, do you have some explainin' to do! says E.) Oh, yeah, but first the background story...Here we are, at Maximo County Park in St. Pete's Beach at one of the most beautiful disc golf courses and parks in the Florida, just minding our own business and throwing a round of disc golf or frisbee golf, as some people know it. Sparky has a whole bag full of frisbees, some for throwing long distances, a couple of putters for the short shots, and some other ones in between.

We were heading for 18 holes, trying to get our daily exercise in for the day. It was a beautiful day...and some of the first baskets on the first nine holes were decorated for the holidays.
We could have zipped through all 18 holes in an hour, but as it was, it took two hours and we only made it through 14 holes. Sparky kept getting distracted by all the long needle pine trees and looking for long needles. "Oh, my aching back!"
The bag of evidence...

And, we spent a fair amount of time looking for our discs in the thick palm trees and ground foliage. Found it!
But then, Sparky lost her sunglasses somehow. Oh, well... they cost less than a good disc. Good ole flea markets, she'll get another pair. (Uh, Sparky? The felony? questions E.) OH! yeah....On about the 12th hole thereabouts, we couldn't figure out where the next hole was. We came out into a clearing, and directly into a construction site. We skirted the outside edge of it, but it looked like we were in a maximum security fenced in area. We saw a narrow side exit around the fence, and came out on the other side of this sign:
So technically, we were in violation of the law...BUT--nobody said, "HEY, YOU!"  :-)  Whew!

We continued on the course a bit more, and then the rest of the holes were out in the open. It was hot, we'd done our exercise quota for the day, time for wah-ta!  We decided to cut short the rest of the course. We sat under the picnic tables, enjoyed the bird show at the water's edge and watched the fishermen fish......This guy.....

And this guy...... He didn't catch anything while we were there.....Not sure what kind of bird this is, but somebody will fill us in and thank you in advance!

The course is absolutely beautiful....Big thick live oak and long needle pine forests, little bridges to cross, and surprises around every corner, like this endangered wood stork, stepping lightly through the stream bed on one of the holes....
A lovely day....You can't ask for more beautiful weather...It's going to be sunshine and more sunshine for the next week!  We'll see you later......


  1. Well you had fun, got your exercise, fresh air and didn't get caught sounds like and awesome day.

  2. Thanks, guys! I knew you'd help me out! :-)

  3. I laughed out loud when I read the title - Eldo and Sparky a felony - RIGHT, sure. hahahahahaha.

    Looks like a great place for disc golf and birding all in one.

  4. And what would have been your alibi if you had gotten stopped? You really need to make sure you work on your story so you both have it right. lol Great looking birds.

  5. Another great day of exercise for you two! Nice birding too!

  6. Wll we get to see the results from the long needles?

  7. Looka like you had a gteat time. Good thing we didnt have to bail you out. LOL! Great post!

  8. Super fun day! I love disc golf, too!


  9. Great fun, super weather, and exercise....... What a day !!!