Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting Ready....

Sarasota, FL      High:   79     Low:   57

Everybody is getting ready in the park, either heading home to see families or getting ready for their families coming here.....Won't be long till Santa gets here! Sparky is making some little Santas to hang on the cupboard door knobs.

Won't be long till the grandkids get here! Won't be long before Sparky's first daughter, Kelly, gets here! She arrives Saturday.

Sparky and Eldo went to Venice today to the Sea Treasures and Pleasures store to get some shells for Sparky to use in her baskets. It's your typical Florida touristy seashell/beach shop, but the shells were pretty and Sparky thought pretty reasonable--from a dime to a quarter for smaller shells....

Then time to shop at Beall's outlet store today for some workout wear for Eldy. Success! He now has one pair of workout shorts and a tee shirt. That store which is all over Florida, has some great prices on merchandise of all kinds at their outlet stores, and they have some recognizable name brands. Eldy's workout shorts were 8.00 and the shirt was 8.00. It's a start!

Then we did some Christmas shopping today...That took almost 3/4 of the day trying to find very specific items for Eldy's grandkids. But it was fun looking at all the toys for kids. The electronics for kids are built into everything these days...Even for babies! The music and voices are so realistic inside the baby toys. But the selection was so bewildering, Sparky came away from Target today not knowing what kind of toy to buy for her little grandson. He already is getting some cute clothes and a board book so hopefully we're good. Barron likes listening to books that Kerry reads to him. Sparky tried to read to Kerry when she was six months old, but she wasn't interested in the slightest. Barron loves books! (Hope Kerry is not reading the blog today, worries E. She'll know what the baby is getting!)
Nah...she's too busy chasing after little Barron when she's not reading to him. He crawls around the house now like a Nascar driver she says! Six months old, standing up in the crib, walking backwards in the walker down the hall, this little guy is going to keep his mama BUSY!

Eldy worked out for the second day in a row on the treadmill, another mile under his belt. Sparky is impressed! He's really getting into the fitness center here, which is terrific for him. Eldy worked for many many years (42) in a factory six and seven days a week and never had time to exercise in a different way. This is something very new and different for him, and  Sparky thinks he is really going to feel better in a lot of ways if he keeps going with it. He has a LOT of trouble with flexibility and back problems. Nothing like a hot tub soak to relax those sore muscles....

We love our location here at Sun 'n''s really convenient to hop on I-75 to head to Bradenton, Tampa, shopping, lots of things to do, lots of places to go...We met a new couple last night at the poolside bar, Edie and Gary, and they were telling us about some fun places to go where there are steel drums and tiki huts. Sparky wants to check that out soon! We'll see you later.......


  1. It looks like you're ready for Christmas!

  2. Good for Eldy! I know once we are settled here and have a routine after the holiday I'll be able to do some more bike riding. I hope it warms up here soon! Only in the 50's.

  3. That is just a fabulous picture of Eldy in that beautiful hot tub! Sounds like you guys are all set for the family to descend.

  4. Ready or not Christmas and the family will be here soon, enjoy!