Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We're in Nashville, TN, Music City!

Nashville, TN      High:  54   Low:  37
Typical Seven Points lake site
It was a hop, skip, and a jump from Cave City, KY, to Nashville, TN, right around 90 some miles...It was an uneventful drive, the kind you like to have...We are at a Corps of Engineer park, called Seven Points, on J. Percy Priest Lake near Nashville, TN. The lake is BIG, about 14,000 acres, so it's a great location for fishing and boating. We are here for three days at 10.00 a night with our senior pass. It's beautiful! Sites on the lake are two dollars more a night, so 12.00 a night. When we reserved online, we didn't realize which sites were lakefront and which ones weren't, but we like our site, #45.
All the sites seem to have fish cleaning tables besides massive stone picnic benches and a fire pit. Sites are VERY spacious...However, the roads in and around the park are very narrow, making for tight turns with a big rig. We did ok in our big rig and got into our back in site just fine, but not without careful attention to tree placement and checking out the site firsthand in the car. Most of the sites are back in, but there are a few pull thrus. When you reserve at this park through, you get to see photos of each site, which is helpful...
typical site at Seven Points
It's a small campground, about 60 sites. Sites are water and electric only, 30 or 50 amp....There is a dumping station, a shower house and laundry, a beach and a boat ramp. There is also a nice playground for kids. Some of the sites have terraced patios. Some of the stone picnic tables are round instead of rectangular. Here's another view of our spacious site. The only negative? The water pressure is very low here. We don't know if it's our site, but it is NOT a clogged filter. We checked that. Eldy always runs the water straight off the water line at the site before hooking up the hose to see what kind of flow there is before hooking up the hose and we replace our blue water filter much more often than recommended due to extremely hard water most places we go.

If it wasn't so cold, Sparky would take her Sea Eagle out on the lake. Since when does cold stop Sparky from getting outdoors and getting exercise? When there's a really stiff wind 20-25 mph. winds. Sparky can get out on her bike and ride around the campground a few times, or get out on the roads outside the park....

We are close to I-40, and about twelve miles east from downtown Nashville.....So last night, we decided to hit one of the top ten attractions in Nashville--the Wildhorse Saloon. This is one of Nashville's top entertainment venues, and it was pretty amazing! It's a three story warehouse converted into a 66,000 square foot live music and dance destination. They are famous for their fried pickles, but we didn't try any. They have been involved in more than 4,000 TV shows and tapings, so it's a great place to experience Nashville music. It's located near the famous "music row" on Second Avenue. We listened to a country western performer by the name of Jami Grooms, and he was great! The food was good, the entertainment wonderful, and there's line dancing lessons offered about every hour, so a chance to get up and shake your booty, something Sparky always likes to do! (And she did! says E.)

In case you are wondering what the top ten list of things to do in Nashville is, here it is according to Trip Advisor:

Back to the Wildhorse...Sparky had a flat iron steak, and notice the ticket.....She got it the way she wanted...  :-)

We had a fun time and plan to go back again this evening to downtown Nashville, to a different venue...There's so much to see and do, but we only have three days....Eldy has seen and done a lot here over the years, so we probably won't do the typical tourist things while we are here--Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage, the Country Music Hall of Fame...But we will take in a couple of things, get a taste for "Music City" then head our way to Gulf Shores, AL, our next destination for the month of November. See ya later, partner!


  1. You are in my hometown! If you have time check out Brown's Diner
    the Loveless Cafe, or Monnell's
    Parthenon and the Athena statue
    Titans game this SundaY
    Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum
    Frist Art Museum
    Bell Meade Plantation
    Carnton Mansion in Franklin Have a great time and go eat a biscuit!

    1. One thing about being behind on our blog is missing great tips like yours! We've already left, but we did make it to the Parthenon, blog post coming up on that...We only had three days to cram everything time for sure!

  2. Nice campground; We're going to try our first NPS camp at Ft Pickett in January to practice for many, many more long-term stays at electric/water only sites like this one.

  3. Looks like a wonderful campground, enjoy Nashville.

  4. Are you watching the new tv series Nashville? They go to a bar there called the Bluebird Cafe. It's been on the show a few times and evidently a good place to go. Have fun. Wish we were there...oh maybe I don''s too cold. :)

  5. We just left Nashville a few days ago. Our favorite music experience was at The Bluebird Cafe. A local musician also recommended a club called 3rd and Lindsley for a taste of real Nashville, but we didn't make it there. Have fun and don't miss an evening at the Florabama when you are in Gulf Shores.

  6. Great post! Planning on Nashville trip in the spring. Have a 45' motorhome. You mentioned tightness of the roads at the campground. Do you think we can maneuver ok? Not worried about the light branches.

    1. I thought it was very narrow on the turns, but we were working our way around in the back of the park..Eldy says, if you take your time, it should be ok. Definitely unhook before navigating to the site. There are sites closer to the front entrance that are much easier to get into.

  7. That is one of our favorite COE parks!

  8. Not having a partner who can drive at night means I miss out on those great after dark venues. :( Mooing? That's a little too rare for me. :)