Monday, October 8, 2012

Leaf Peeping in Indiana? and Shipshewanna Fall Festival

Elkhart, IN     High:  49   Low:  36

Heck, yeah! You don't have to go out east to see spectacular fall scenery! But Sparky wants to next year...(inside joke with Sparky and Eldo). Sparky wants to go back to Bar Harbor in August and September, Eldo wants to head out west. As Sparky was saying, you CAN stay right here in Indiana and see some really pretty colors if that's where you happen to be...Sparky thinks it's almost as good as last year's fall show of color....

The trees have turned very fast, just in a matter of days since we've been here...

It's getting cold at night...a little TOO cold for Eldo...Sparky loves it, she's holding out for a spitting of snow. Tomorrow's low is supposed to be 30 degrees! ....Eldo thinks he might have to take Sparky to a psychiatrist, she's a little too winter minded, in his opinion. ;-)

And here's the last couple of leaf shows....
Not bad for the midwest, eh?
Eldy's sister Theresa and her husband, Chuck, came up from Kokomo to visit us today and to visit the Fall Festival in Shipshewanna....Lots of stuff going on...Live music, entertainment....and the purpose of this is (below photo)...????? To scare the little ones into behaving? Just kidding...Guess it's not all that easy to crack the whip....Although Sparky remembers playing "Crack the Whip" on the ice in elementary school, it was....(SPARKY! Stay focused! reminds Eldo.) OH! Sorry! Got a little sidetracked, there....

There were craft demonstrations...The Amish lady weaving this rug said she could make a decent sized small area rug in about 30 minutes! Lots of basket weaving going on....
Sparky and Theresa went in and out of shops, Chuck and Eldo went in and out of shops after them, making sure they weren't breaking the budget.....(You gotta watch Sparky, she gets distracted by sparkly things, explains E.)

We visited the Yoder's Meat and Cheese shop where you can sample almost every cheese you can imagine...The meat and cheese shop we visited has hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats and cheeses, and has grass fed beef. We're going to stock up before we leave!

We stopped and had an early supper with more of Eldy's family who were able to join us... his brother, Gary and wife, Shell. We think the camera lens fogged up as we came in and we didn't notice. Sparky should have said she applied a soft filter to make everybody look younger, haha.
Sparky, Eldy, Theresa, Chuck, Shell, Gary
One last stop before heading home....the Blue Gate Bakery where the BEST homemade zucchini bread is made and where Sparky buys at least a half dozen loaves before leaving the area and freezes them to bring out for breakfast treats from home while traveling around the country. We had a GREAT time in Amish country today....Time to get home and get settled back in for football!


  1. I was amazed at the beautiful colors in Indiana in the Fall. Not what I expected at all when we were there. New England is incredible but there are lots of other places around the country that put on quite a show also. Sparky, you need to get out of that COLD!

  2. Didn't look that way in Indianna a few weeks ago, I must have been too early!

  3. Wow. I haven't spent much time in Indiana. Didn't know there were such stunning fall colors.

  4. Wow, the colors there are beautiful. It helps to have sunshine too. Most of the colors in SD are gone, the trees are bare..need to high-tail it outta here before it gets colder :)

  5. Wonderful colors there as well as here, not far from you guys in southern Ontario. Nice that you are enjoying your time there but soon ready to head further south, as we are too.