Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where's Eldo and Sparky? Right Here in Park City, KY

Park City, KY     High:  65    Low:  44

We didn't do too much today....A little drive....checked out some golf courses...saw some neat sights along the way....Like this unusual mailbox. The colors are wonderful here in southern Kentucky right now.....

Sparky caught a butterfly sunning itself.....
Sparky spotted a tobacco barn with the leaves drying inside, but the lighting and angles weren't quite right...Eldy stopped any way so she could get a photo...

Did the laundry......Read some.....Sparky is reading "Mac Life", trying her darndest to keep up with technology and reading about all the new features Apple's Mountain Lion offers...Does she understand it? Heck no! But she'll keep trying....She enjoys learning about technology, even if she doesn't always understand it!
Knitted some.......Drove up to Camping World to check out those zero gravity chairs. Camping World can be a magnet for your money when you full time RV. Lots of cool stuff there that you think you need but you really don't! (Now, Sparky, that depends on what you need! says E.) True, true...

The nearest Camping World store is 26 miles from Park City, down in Bowling Green...We checked the chairs out, looked them over, tried them out and decided to wait till we get to our next destination...but it's still fun to walk around and see what kinds of things we need for the rig that we can't do without, or that we should think about bug screens for the outside furnace vents so wasps and bees can't nest in there. Sparky always thinks about buying more kitchen/living room gadgets, like collapsible colanders or bowls, or storage stuff but never buys them. We really don't need them...Eldy always looks at satellite dishes...he's still thinking about signing up for satellite access.  Just keep thinking, dear....Sparky is not crazy about TV so she's hoping he'll just keep thinking about it. (I can only hold out for so long, woman! I need my sports coverage!)  Sigh.....

A low key kind of day....Nice to have those...Sparky needs to learn how to do those more often...(You heard it first, here, on Where's Eldo? documents E. -- in case I have to remind her...You all are witnesses!)
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  1. In our short stint at this, we don't like the low-key days, feel like we should be 'doing' something. We're retired, time to sloooow down :)
    We are real happy with our anti-gravity chairs. We got them on sale at CW before we set sail. Very comfy!

  2. Nice mailbox, wonder what happened to the rest of it:)

  3. Get that man a satellite! You look real fine sitting there in front of that gorgeous's good to sit still sometimes. . .LOL!