Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Big Race

Elkhart, IN    High:  51    Low:  30 (!)

It's a big day for Eldy's daughter, Kristi...A big day because over a year ago, Kristi had never run a race. Kristi was never athletic when she was a child. She was overweight most of her life and had become much more so after becoming a mom. Eldy was so concerned about her last year when he saw her that he pushed for her to do something about her weight. As parents, you worry about outliving your kids when something like this is going on. Kristi made a commitment to herself and her family. She decided she needed to do something and she was just going to have to start now.
Before the show started--Chris and Roy Pickler
She signed up for a class with Roy and Christine Pickler, from Middlebury, IN, season 13's Biggest Loser--NO EXCUSES! show contestants who are offering classes in lifestyle changes to help people lose weight. Doesn't Roy look like Santa?  As a matter of fact, he plays Santa at Christmas time.

When Roy, 63, began the show, he was 306 pounds and suffered from many physical problems. His wife, Chris, at 5'3", was 240 pounds. By the time they were voted off, Roy had lost 92 pounds and Chris had lost a lot herself.

Sparky has never seen the show, but understands that it truly is a weight loss journey that can change people's lives for the better. Roy and Christ didn't win the show, but they are winners in every other way! They are now running classes to help others get control of their eating habits and change for the better. Kristi considers this show and the Picklers to be some of the motivating factors that got her started on her weight loss journey.

In the past year, with the Picklers help, and some close friends supporting her goal and her own determination, Kristi has lost 60 pounds and many, many inches through exercising, eating better and taking better care of herself. She now bikes, jogs regularly, runs 5K races and is working hard to keep this new lifestyle her way of life. 
So today was another big day for her...the 5K race...the 8th Annual Middlebury Walks for a Cure. It takes place at Das Essenhaus in Middlebury, a Mennonite restaurant with awesome Amish food. There's a 5K Run/Walk, a 1K Fun Walk, vendors, a raffle with great prizes, and "Izzy", the PINK firetruck. Survivors of breast cancer and people wanting to remember a loved one, sign the truck that travels all around promoting breast cancer events. Sparky signed the truck in honor of her sister, who is battling breast cancer....

It was a COLD and RAINY day, but a festive one because it's a  PINK event, and everybody gets "pinked out"...as you can see.......Their shirts say something about "Get your mammograms" and "Feel your boobies!"
This is a pretty silly bunch, but a great team that loves to support charitable causes and each other through their training and their running....

Kristi had her best time ever despite a brief downpour of rain and cold temperatures of about 46 degrees! Eldy was very proud of his daughter.....

A cold rainy day spent watching Kristi and her friends shine....Congratulations, Kristi, and team BAMF. (Don't ask Sparky what the letters stand for, it's a team thing and not printable! explains E.) and keep on keepin' on!


  1. Very cool. My cousin in Tennessee walked for a cure this past weekend too.

  2. Well my guess for BAMF would be, "Boobs are Mighty Fine"?

    This is really neat. Eldy must be very proud/happy/joyful. Hard to find the right word.
    I got a little misty eyed, truth be told.

    I'm proud to say that I've been a big boob supporter for many, many years.
    I mean, I've been a big supporter of "breast cancer initiatives".
    Oh, never mind.

  3. Kristi looks great. She should be so proud of herself. It takes a ton of self discipline and determination to lose that much weight. So glad dad was there to share that moment with her. Pass on our congratulations to Kristi.

  4. Congratulations to Kristi, a major life improvement for her, keep up the good work.

  5. I often wondered what happened to people that left the Biggest Loser show. Good for Kristi for making these changes in her life.

  6. Congrats to. KRISTI! Awesome story.

  7. Thanks everyone. My friends and family have really been there for me and I am truly blessed. I Started my life style change in January by starting the couch to 5K program with a friend of mine. She really helped push me and get me past the hard parts. We had set a goal to run my first 5K on April 6th. It was not until the end of March when I actually got to meet Chris and Roy. But watching them on the Biggest loser and the NO EXCUSES as the theme, it really clicked and help me push on. After meeting them and becoming close with them. They started classes and it has helped even more. One thing I think is so wonderful about them is their biggest goal is to help with the childens weight problems in America. So they are going to as many schools as they can and talking to the kids. They made a huge impack on my son and he has really changed his way of thinking and for the most part eating. But he is still a kid so he has to enjoy to a point. So as part on my journey and one thing that they have taught us, is to help others and pave forward. So I am taking my Pampered Chef business and offering heathly cooking shows where I help teach some of this stuff to others. I have to say people are really loving it. So I hope that I can not only help myself but help other feel as amazing as I do. Still have a ways to go but I am definaly on my way. I want to thank Dad and Jeannie for thier continued support. Sunday was one of the best days of my life because I got to share that with my Dad. Making him proud of me is one the most inspiring things I could ever have to keep me motivated. I love you Dad with all my heart!!! Thanks for being so wonderful!!! Thanks Jeannie for everything you do also. There are no words to express how much you guys help to keep me going. Love you both.


  8. Wow! Congratulations Kristi. I know you must be very proud of her, but more important she is healthier.

  9. What an amazing incredible life change. . .so proud for your daughter!