Monday, October 22, 2012

Where's Eldo? In Chi-Town Part II

Elkhart, IN   High:    64    Low:  50

Eldy's got his arms around all his girls  :-) Kristi, Bobbi, and Lori
First stop, Millennium Park near the lakefront. Millennium Park is a short walk from the train station, like a half block! Millennium Park is a 24.5 acre park that is part of Grant Park in Chicago and has a lot of art in it. One of the most famous pieces is Cloud Gate, or "The Bean" as the locals refer to it. It has 168 stainless steel plates welded together and you can't see ANY seams! It was designed by an Indian sculptor named Anish Kapoor.  The bean reminds you of liquid mercury, the reflections always changing.....It's a fluid experience! Heheheh.....

Sparky LOVES the bean!  It's so fun to watch the families pose, experiment, and get silly at the Bean. Of course everyone has to try and "hold up" the Bean....
Eldy, Connor and a stranger :-)
The kids had a lot of fun posing in different ways....

The Bean has lots of facets and reflections that change depending on which side you are looking at....This is the side facing the of Sparky's favorite shots of the Bean....

Families pose and try different angles of looking at themselves and other people. Trevor looks like he is floating in mid air!

We walked around the park and checked out some of the other sculptures. This is an AURAL sculpture. It plays a SOUND concert at certain times of the day....There was a concert at 5:00 PM today, and we were going to try and catch it, but we missed it, too busy having fun elsewhere--at the Lincoln Park Zoo!
After seeing and playing at The Bean, we left the park...Trevor can never just walk along the sidewalk, he has to climb everything in sight!

We had a WONDERFUL time at the park...The weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky, nice and cool fall temperatures. Time to head for the zoo...Let's hop on the city bus, kids... a first time for some of the grandkids. See you at the Lincoln Park Zoo tomorrow!


  1. Your photos of "the Bean" are so fun. The grandkids are having a blast. What great experiences for them.

  2. I grew up in Chicago in pre-bean days. Never have gotten around to seeing it.

  3. I will definitely have to see that on our next visit. Lots of great photos.

  4. I first saw "the Bean" on Where's Weaver's blog. . .what a cool display.

    Looking forward to further updates to add to my wish list. . .