Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's Coming....

Elkhart, IN     High:  79 (!)  Low:   49

It's coming, it's coming...The "S" word, and it's not Sparky.....SHHHHHHHHH.....(Don't say it, Sparky...SN** for those who want to know.) REALLY? We're gonna get SNOW? Naw...Sparky is just having a little fun with Eldo. He's ready to leave Elkhart, with temperatures heading to a low of 33 degrees at night on Sunday...Hey, with  little precipitation, Sparky MIGHT get to see her SNOW before she leaves...HAH! Says E. And he also says, BAH, HUMBUG! 

Aw-w-w-w, c'mon, sweetie...let's stay a little longer so I can see SNOW.....(NOPE! Not happenin'....We have to go to Red Bay, Alabama to get our slide floor fixed. Sparky knows that.)  She was just having a little fun teasing....But first, we are still catching up with friends and doing the routine doctor/dentist appointment thing...And-- Grandparents' Day is happening tomorrow at both grandsons' schools so that's where we'll be all day tomorrow...

We went back to Shipshewanna today, to the auction once again...There was a hay auction going out in back of the auction barn...The Amish were out in full force today selling their hay or buying, we're not sure which...If you've never seen a hay auction, they are interesting. The buyers smell the hay and sometimes take a bite of it before they bid on it!

Back into the auction barn we went. So much fun to see what new stuff came in THIS week.....Cool trunks.....

Cool tools...Sparky loves old tools as well as new ones....

A really cool Junior Typwriter....Sparky's brothers used to have one! What's interesting now that Sparky looks back on this, is the technology of turning the wheel to line up the letter, then pushing the lever, is very similar to those Dymo label makers of today that you turn the wheel to stamp the white "embossed" letters onto plastic labels that come in different colors. This vintage kids' typewriter went for 25.00.
You see everything at the auction...Somebody brought in a bunch of ROCKS--probably not the correct terminology here...minerals? gemstones? Whaddya gonna do with these?
There was a cool lot of old typwriters, some Underwood, some Royal...
Everybody knows about Red Flyer wagons, but have you ever heard of a Dan Patch wooden wagon?

Sparky LOVES blue mason jars...But she didn't bid...These are common and easy to find currently....

Then, we saw THE ITEM that caused us to go and sign up for a bidder's number for 5.00 so we could get in the action.....Eldy's granddaughter, Cate, is a Beatles NUT and we thought this would make the perfect Christmas present! We got ready....We waited.....
And waited.......for the auctioneer to come to the records...We'd walk away and come back to see if it was still there...People moved it around...They put the Beatles record at the bottom of the stack of old 45's so nobody would see it. We came back to check on it.... We went away.....We came back....Somebody had moved it into the old children's books pile...HAH! Can't fool us..... We waited....FINALLY.....

The auction started....Eldy said he wasn't going to go any higher than 20.00 and knew he'd have to buy all the other records in the pile along with it, but that was ok. It looked like the original sleeve. The record itself was scratched some. We had no idea what it might be worth...We should have checked Ebay on our phones but the signal was very very poor inside the auction building.

Eldy got outbid. He bid again. It went past 20.00. Eldy walked away....We looked later on ebay and the Beatles 45 was going for around five bucks with the sleeve. There are some ridiculous prices on this record on Ebay, but nobody is paying them. The final stack of records went for 25.00. Oh, well, you win some, you lose some!

This little guy didn't lose, he scored some popcorn...

Tomorrow, Sparky and Eldo go to school!


  1. I have a 12 year old granddaughter that is crazy about the Beatles too. Isn't it funny how things come around again?

  2. Those kind of auctions are always a great time, glad you enjoyed. And no we don't want see that SN** either, that is one of those four letter words.

  3. Fun stuff. Thanks for mentioning your "heat pump" the other day. I did not even realize we had electric heat- and we needed it last night :).

  4. Snow....definitely time to move on!!!!

  5. I like attending those kinds of auctions, but try to keep my hands in my pockets:)

  6. We found that people really got into that bidding thing and often paid way more for something than it was worth. But it was fun to watch and occasionally bid. It's going to be 78 here next week and I am so NOT happy. I want the 80's. I want perfect weather for a couple of weeks. Definitely not snow.

  7. I have that exact record with cover. I will sell it to you for a mire $100...that includes shipping....hehe