Saturday, October 13, 2012

An Elkhart Smorgasbord

Elkhart, IN     High:  66    Low:  45

We've got some odds and ends to share about Elkhart...That's why Sparky said today's blog is a smorgasbord...It's got a little of everything and not all related, either...(Well, I hate to say it, folks, but that's how Sparky's mind works--a little bit of everything, a little helper-skelter, a hodge podge of information, explains E.)

First, the Eco-Womb Tour rig....We first saw this unusual rig in Bar Harbor, Maine. They were there about two weeks, Sparky thinks...Just "down the street" from us. We didn't get a chance to talk to the family that owns this rig, which was a shame, because they are promoting some wonderful information, a style of green living, parenting, and homeschooling their kids.
Lo, and behold, Eldy was pulling out of the Elkhart Campground yesterday, and he calls Sparky on the phone and says, "You'll never guess who's sitting out front of the Elkhart Campground office!" And Sparky says, "I have NO CLUE!" because she is usually clueless about a LOT of things, particularly how to get somewhere....But you know that, you've been reading the blog!

"OK, I give up, who?"  "The Eco Womb Tour rig."  Sparky raced to put on her shoes, boogied out the door, hopped on her bike and rode down to the office. She was just going to say "Hi, neighbors!" and get the scoop on their mission, but they were out the door, on their way to their destination, so she missed them. Phooey! It turns out that they went to the RV Hall of Fame Museum, another wonderful place to visit when you come to Elkhart. The family loved it, as they told Sparky in an email later that day. We hope to run into them again...It's an interesting family, an interesting life and Sparky would love to hear more in person. We'll see you on the road, guys!

Second, another trip to Shipshewanna and the stores there.....Sparky paid a visit to Yoder's Department Store earlier in the week and saw something unusual and different at the start of the fall festival--piggy banks made from vintage post office boxes....Very cool! Made by a man named Marion Yoder...He uses 5 different kinds of wood to frame in the post office boxes. Sparky loved them, and they were very reasonable...anywhere from around 35.00 on up.

Sparky made another visit to the D'Vine Yarn Shop in Shipshewanna......
It's a good thing this yarn shop is not any closer...Sparky would be in BIG trouble!
They weave and spin at this shop as well....Sparky just bought a couple of sock yarns today...and got outta there quickly! The longer she looks, the more she sees she'd like to buy. Get in and get out! That's the ticket!

What else has been going on? More visiting with friends, eating out with friends, eating out at Heinnie's Back Barn....No wonder we need to lose some weight! Elkhart has LOTS of good restaurants!

We've been getting some work done on the car...Transmission service....For anybody who is towing a Honda CR-V, you REALLY need to be changing your differential fluid once a year, this is more important than getting transmission flush and fill service, according to multiple dealership recommendations where we have had service work done at throughout the country in the past two years. When we are in the Elkhart area, we get our work done at Basney Honda in South Bend, we've been very happy with them.

And the days continue to fly by..........


  1. Busy days doing fun things that are ordinary and yet not so ordinary. That's been our life lately also. Just no yarn shops for me. Wouldn't know what anything was or what to do with it. lol

  2. We are sitting here looking up free things to do in Independence, MO, and all I see are restaurants to eat BBQ! That's not FREE! But I want to get some KC BBQ :) We'll see!

  3. Hi Jeannie,
    I saw your comment on another blog. I have read "Wild" which is a good read. The lady who wrote it is a little out there, but overall it's a good book. She sure has stories to tell.


  4. as a former postal worker. . .you know I loved those banks. I regret not getting our old mailbox door when our post office went to the new style. . .ahhhh. . .reminiscing. . .