Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Owens on the Road w/Sparky/Eldo

Elkhart IN      High:  66    Low:  57
Downtown Elkhart park view
Doctor appointments were the routine for Sparky today...No news is good news to report BUT we had a special ending to our day today....

Laurie and George Owens were in town! Laurie and George, of Owens on the Road, were in town to swap out their tires on their fifth wheel and to take a tour of Keystone RV.  Laurie and Sparky got in touch with each other to meet up for dinner at the local Olive Garden. Sparky got a little mixed up initially about WHICH Tuesday we were meeting, but all full timers know that after you've been on the road awhile, you forget about what day it is, maybe what week it is, or what time it is! Uh, right, Eldo?

Laurie and George are on their first week of full timing! They left Pennsylvania Monday and are going to be working their way towards South Dakota for their drivers' licenses.

It was really fun talking to them and remembering how it was to leave work for the final time, going out the door, heading for a new direction in your life. They had some questions, we had a few answers, we offered some advice, we asked questions, we learned about our new friends. We have a lot in common!....Great warm, friendly people as so many RVers are.

We really hope to meet up again with them some time.....Lovely people.....Until later......


  1. Always so much fun meetig other bloggers and fulltime rver's on the road. A great way to compare notes and get ideas.

  2. How nice to meet up with newbies. I am sure you two can help them along their new adventure.

  3. Meeting fellow RVers is always fun. Looking at the first picture, I just realized we have never been to downtown Elkhart.

  4. One of the things I love best about blogging and rving is meeting up with all the new people we've met and have yet to meet.

  5. We thoroughly enjoyed you two! Thanks so much for meeting us and dining!