Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a GOYA Day!

Elkhart, IN   High:  62    Low:  40   SUNNY!

Indian summer is coming this weekend, but for now, we'll have to wasn't too bad. Elkhart lets you wash your rig at your site--finally! We haven't been able to wash for months--the RIG that is!..Eldy worked on polishing and buffing out some scratches...He's got the arsenal of supplies, that's for sure! You gotta have a certain polish for the chrome, a scratch remover, a wash and wax product, a product for the tires, lots of micro fiber cloths, a nice buffer--he's got it! We won't bore you with the product names...but here's the blog with the names of all the stuff we use....

Eldy did a GREAT job buffing out some SERIOUS scratches encountered a few campsites ago...

Sparky went to the dentist today...she was a nervous wreck, always is, when she has to go to the dentist. Especially now, with no dental insurance....She went back to her old dentist's office in South Bend. Dr. Bantz retired, but turned his office over to a very capable couple, Dr. Steve and Sheena Zent. Sparky has issues with dentists and her teeth after having lost her permanent front teeth in second grade, and having lost one of her crowns this past winter. The hygienist did the charting thing. You know, where they poke a probe down between your tooth and the gum line and start calling out numbers--"3,3,2,1, 4, 3, 3" and in Sparky's case, "3-3-2-1-3-4-5-3-3"  Four's are a warning sign that gum tissue is inflamed and there's a pocket forming, five's are bad. Sparky has two fives in the upper molars and bone loss has started. They recommended a deep scaling/cleaning. SIGH! Gonna have to go back to the dentist ($$$) and they don't know if they can get me in before our last two weeks are up, but they are gonna try.

The dentist told Sparky about a 30 year old coming in with NO cavities or decay, but had to have a full set of dentures because of bone loss. He told Sparky that her teeth are in EXCELLENT shape, and she should be able to keep all her teeth the way things are going. BUT-- it would be good to take care of this one area with a deep cleaning. It must be a little bit of heredity to be having problems. Sparky's dad had bad teeth and lots of gum problems and several  bridges. Sparky's mom had all her teeth at 96!  Sparky always has the worry in the back of her mind that someone is going to happen with her teeth while on the road and how in the world are you going to find a reputable dentist to fix it? Sparky is VERY picky when it comes to dentists.  Referrals from the locals, Yelp--(the local find-it app), online reviews and pray....That's what Sparky does.....

So she waits to hear from the dentist's office...They have to move things around a little bit in the appointment book to squeeze her back in for an HOUR and a HALF appointment...She COULD wait till next year.....hehehehe.....Just like the colonoscopy she's going to wait on till next fall...heheheheheh......  Until later......

P.S. Have you gotten all the way to the bottom today and are wondering what the heck is a "GOYA" day? This is borrowed from Billy Bob, of Billy's Bob's Travels...It means it's a "Git off yer ass" kind of day...time time to get to work and get some things done around the rig! If you haven't read Billy Bob's Travels, you are missing a fun, silly, entertaining blog written in the style of a red neck hillbilly, but the author is not quite what he appears to be, and that's all Sparky is gonna say except, check it out!


  1. Not a big fan of the dentist either. Paul always has to have a deep cleaning. YUCK!

  2. I guess I'm one of the few that really like going to the dentist :) Haven't had dental insurance for years, but just 'bite' the bullet. So far so good on my teeth & bone. Not looking forward to where we'll be when it's time to go again :(

  3. Don't be nervous. All dentists and doctors are reputable until proven otherwise. A review is just one persons opinion and it will be colored by their past history which does not match your history.


  4. I'm with Laurie. I had a bout with periodontal disease in my late 20's after being too cheap to go to the dentist and never again. Brush/floss/6 month check up. Really, don't put it off.

    You can find recommendations for local dentists on line. Most can squeeze you in if you explain.

    Where do I sign up for an Eldy inspection of Winnona??

    How are you feeling after your fall???