Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting Out on the Trail in Goshen

Elkhart, IN    High:  50   Low:  32

After visiting the dentist yesterday, and getting stressed out about going BACK to the dentist, Sparky needed a diversion. Eldy had just gone to his doctor, gotten his routine physical, and after we both got the bad news about how much we REALLY weigh--we don't have a scale on board--we are both thinking we need to get more exercise! Here's how we tell our weight--Sparky is still wearing the same size as she was two and a half years ago, so she didn't think she had gained any weight. WRONG! Guess she has just redistributed the fat from all her bike riding to different places. Size hasn't changed, but the weight has gone up by about 9 pounds! Phooey! Eldo goes by the belt hole notch...Not sure where he is on that, Sparky doesn't ask. He says he's gained nine pounds. BUT, at any rate....Eldo decided we both needed to get out on the bike trails in Goshen, the "Bike Friendly" Maple City...And how! There are MANY beautiful trails in Goshen....
Millrace Canal Trail view-trail to the left, canal to the right
The Maple City Greenway is an 8 mile system of trails that are available to walkers and cyclists. The trails are not all connected, but you can have a variety of surfaces and rides to choose from. We chose the Millrace Canal Trail. The Millrace Trail is a crushed-stone trail following the hydraulic canal. You can see a little bit of artwork along the trail....There are nice areas to sit and rest along the way.

Stop along the trail and check out a Farmer's Market on Tuesdays and Satudays....Park your bike and head into downtown Goshen for shopping or a bite to eat. Goshen College is right across the street from the hospital just outside the trail head and that's a pretty campus to visit as well.
Another Millrace Trail view
It starts at W. Washington St. and 2nd Street-right behind the emergency room of the Goshen Hospital-- and is an extension of the Maple City Greenway that goes to the Elkhart County Court House. It ends at the Goshen Dam Pond, the south end of the city where it connects to the Shoup-Parsons Woods and is an easy 2.75 miles one way....

It was a beautiful fall day on the trail today....We rode from one end of the trail to the other and back, with taking a side loop off the trail into one of Goshens' pretty parks---Shanklin Park, adding an extra mile, for a total of 6.6 miles today.  Sparky dutifully noted this sign....

Eldo is lovin' his bike, Sparky as well. Hope to get out on more trails soon if the weather cooperates! 


  1. Sparky,
    Happy to hear your injuries were minimal and that you're back riding. With helmet, right?

    Lovely bike/walk trail. Enjoyed seeing the photos.


  2. Beautiful place to ride!! I believe we have the same or very similar bikes. Did you find riding on crushed stone to be a problem with the thin tires??

  3. Beautiful places to ride. I love towns that are bike friendly. Wish more were. Sorry to hear about the weight. Hope the biking helps. It never did for me though I love to do it anyway. Losing pounds meant changing what I ate. Good luck!

  4. Glad to hear Eldy likes his new bike. You both will probably get the extra pounds off now that he will be riding with you.

  5. Beautiful trails! This is my favorite time of year to be on them too. Gorgeous colors and great temperatures. I do it on foot though, as I've been known to be a klutz on wheels, with disastrous results :)

  6. What a perfect time of year to be riding. Weight is a bad subject around our house. shhh. I loved the sign. Love when government bureaucrats have a sense of humor.

  7. Good for you! We need to get back on our good eating habits. Unfortunately we've strayed a bit with these first two weeks of travel.