Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where's Eldo? In Cave City, KY!

Cave City, KY    High:  80 (!)  :-(         Low:  51

Eldo was a travelin' man yesterday...All the way from Elkhart, IN to Cave City, KY....About nine hours of driving and about 380 miles. It was a beautiful drive and the trees are about two weeks behind the foliage peak of Elkhart. They were on fire! The hills were gorgeous! The temperatures kept climbing...

We were going to stop at the Kentucky Welcome Center on I-65 because you can stay overnight in rest areas in this state. We knew that from our "State Lines" app....But after getting sandwiched in between semis which kept coming in and going out and smelling the exhaust fumes, we decided to head another 61 miles to Cave City, where Eldo intended to be eventually. The rest area/welcome center is very nice, and there were spots on the ends that would have been just fine to spend the night but they were already taken at 6:00 PM. We ended up arriving after dark at the RV park, not the best scenario with a big rig and tow, but we got in and found a spot using the car first to navigate and pick one. So, here we are! At Diamond Caverns RV Resort in Park City, KY, just 6 miles outside Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system in the world. Over 390 miles of the cave system have now been mapped and explored. There's a NEW visitor center that has been built with awesome interactive exhibits and movies. We're going to check that out!

The RV park owns an 18 hole golf course nearby in which you can get a nice discount if you are staying at the RV park. You can golf for less than 20.00 a person with a cart early or late in the day. The golf course looks to be not in the best condition nor the prettiest, but it's a nice perk. Looks like our golf clubs are finally going to come out of hiding in the rig while we are here! Here's our site view from the back...there's a hillside covered with beautiful fall foliage....

It's wonderful! Sites are mostly gravel, there are some concrete pads but not sites all level. We can see some people having trouble when they come in. We didn't...Depending on where you park your rig, sites can be close together on one side. We had only a few feet between our slides and theirs on the driver's side. The park alternates hookups between the fronts and backs of the sites, making the sites much closer together. But, we had a nice neighbor the first two days were were here, which always helps.

On the other side of our site in the "C" section, there's PLENTY of room, because we are on the corner. There are 73 full hookup sites, some 50 amp, some 30 amp, electric and water hookups, some pull thrus, a laundry, mini golf that has been kept up, the usual horseshoes, playground and other activities in season and really nice clubhouse facilities with a big screen TV. (Looks like that's where I'll be watching the Notre Dame game on Saturday, says a happy E.) We can only get four channels with our antenna at our site so Eldy is happy to see a place where he can watch the big game if he needs to.
Clubhouse room
Cell phone signal seems to be weak at the park (AT & T) and in the surrounding areas. At our site we have to move around in the rig to get a better signal. It bounces all over the place while you are on the phone...4G with one bar to E with half a bar, etc. We're in the HILLS of Kentucky, baby! Sometimes you gotta be happy with the scenery and the heck with technology! (Well, I wouldn't go THAT far, says E. Sparky would be the first one wanting to move if there was no internet.) We're good-- Sparky can still do the blog, the Verizon mi-fi is working well. Whew!

They have a "spa" room! Tables with passive exercise equipment where you just lay there and the tables have machines that vibrate different parts of your body while you relax. Hm-m-mm....
somebody could have a field day with that one! Well, not sure else how you can describe these machines...There's a leg one, a full body one. Here, maybe this will help......................

They have a little reading room, they have a pavilion where the free internet is really fast..The front porch to the activities center has rocking chairs and a porch swing, nice touch! There's a hot tub around here somewhere..There's a really nice family game room...The grounds are lovely....
It's got the atmosphere of a park in the country and with a nice "feels like home".You know how when you pull into some parks, and you think, "Ugh..Not gonna want to stay here very long!"? And others, you pull in and immediately say, "Oh, I like this!"?  Sparky knew even in the dark the first night we pulled in, that this was a nice park...Plenty of trees but nothing right on top of you, a nice pool which is now closed for the season, AND there are biking, hiking and walking trails nearby. Woo-hoo! (But they are VERY hilly! :-(  And did she say, it's a beautiful area? Yep, it sure is!

We are staying for FREE for six nights on our Thousand Trails/Encore zone membership. Can't beat that! If you are not a TT member, it costs 33.00 a night to stay here.

We'll be exploring the ground ABOVE Mammoth Cave as we did the one of the below ground cave tours last year. Sparky felt a teensy bit claustrophobic on that tour, so we probably are not going to do any more underground Mammoth Cave tours this week. BUT--Sparky IS going to take the Diamond Caverns tour. It's privately owned and Sparky wants to see the difference between the two cave tours. At 16.00 a head, Eldo decided he'd rather not. Sparky will do it once to say she's done it and then that will be enough subterranean exploration!  See you at Diamond Caverns.....


  1. If you like Mexican food, check out El Mazatlan in Cave City. We had a very good meal there. It's clean and bright and they have yummy guacamole!

    Have fun.

  2. We have stayed there free a couple of times and enjoy the area. The Diamond Caverns has a nice small area to see with a tour guide we enjoyed it there.

  3. Sounds like a great place for sure. Love those spa tables! All they need is a masseuse on staff.