Friday, June 1, 2012

Nothin' Happenin', Baby!

That's right, nothin's happenin'--no baby yet! We are on call for a hospital run during the day while Kerry's guy is at work...So, we don't want to venture too far out from Spring in case we get the call....So-o-o-o...what did we do? Laundry....Wash the car.....go check out the Woodlands, another nice mall on the north side of Houston...Trying to keep cool, you know....

inside the waterway "cruiser"
a glimpse of the waterway at the center plaza
We just walked around..we took a waterway ride on the Woodlands Waterway Taxi. Some people call it the Woodlands Waterway Cruiser. Cruiser is a stretch! It's a simple boat that takes you on a canal ride through The Woodlands shopping center and surrounding office buildings alongside the canal. The ride lasts about 45 minutes as you meander thru and costs 5.00 for adults and 2.50 for children. The boat seemed hard to steer. The captain, as we shall refer to him loosely, cranked the wheel first hard one way, then hard the other to correct the position of the boat. We bumped into the sides of things several times as he maneuvered the boat thru the canal. Although the boat had some roof top A.C, it struggled to provide any cooling at all, which made people open windows for more air, which made it worse. Oh, well...Would we recommend the boat trip? your money! There wasn't much to see from the waterway other than people eating at a couple of waterside cafes along the way and some nice cloud reflections on the sides of the office buildings....

The Woodlands is a beautiful's like another city within a city. When you've been traveling all around the country, and staying in mostly rural areas, avoiding large cities because of driving a motorhome with a tow and all the congestion that comes with big city driving, going into a mall like this is sort of a culture shock. Malls back in my hometown of South Bend, IN are really really small in comparison to this one. Usually, unless it's a holiday, there aren't a lot of people walking around, either. This mall was VERY busy!

The mall had some interesting metal sculptures in the center....
There are many beautiful balconies to walk across from one side to another on the second floor which overlook the floor below.....

It's nice to see carousels still in operation.....

And if this set of horses outside P.F. Chang doesn't clue you in that it's an pricey restaurant to eat at, then I don't know what does. But it's still great food! Have only eaten there once, but really enjoyed it.

However, we didn't eat there, we decided to grab some supper at the Texas Roadhouse on the way home...They have a great budget conscious dinner special from 4:00-6:00 PM--- Mondays thru Thursdays. Several menu choices and smaller cuts of meat for 7.99 a person, that includes salad, their great rolls with the cinnamon butter, and potato. So that's what we did! Back home again to get out of the heat, and relax...and wait for that phone call.......Still waiting.....  :-)


  1. At PF, instead of ordering main courses, we pick a couple of appetizers and find that's plenty filling for us. Their lettuce wraps are the best.

  2. Yes shopping malls are a culture shock to us as well. Coming from farm country in southern Ontario. But can be almost fun just people watching.
    Try to keep cool while you hurry up and wait!

  3. That might have been a good place to get some pics while kayaking...except for the bad boat operator!

  4. You're going to run out of malls if that baby doesn't arrive soon. :)

  5. I might actually break my anti mall rule for a carousel. I love those. Did you guys ride the one in Missoula??? First babies are often late. Hope this one isn't toooooooooooo late.

  6. Good way to beat the heat in Houston. Love PF Changs!