Monday, June 25, 2012

Party Hearty, Little Guy... Or NOT!

Kerry had one last special thing for Grandma Sparky to do before she left, and that was help her plan a little party called a "Sip and See" for the baby. It's a little party sometimes mothers do for friends and family to come AFTER the baby comes, when things have settled down a bit. You come and see the baby, and sip some refreshments.

Naturally, Grandma Sparky had to get a cupcake tower for the cupcakes we were having. Always the bargain hunter, Sparky got the 29.00 tower at Michael's with a 50% off coupon--SCORE! The tower held 24 cupcakes, which she got at the local Kroger Signature store. They did a terrific job with the cupcakes!

Kerry got everything else and we were set with punch and cupcakes and a couple of hours this afternoon for guests to stop by for a little bit to say hi to Barron and his mom and dad. A great excuse for Grandma to get out her camera to document the day, so she did! Grandma Sparky got there early and Barron was awake. Yay!
He's so bright eyed, he's gonna be a smart little boy, I just know it!

Grandma got to feed him before the party started and he promptly fell asleep and slept through the next 3 hours with lots of noise and commotion going on! Here he is with Bigyan's dad, just a snoozin' away.....
Still snoozin'.....With Bigyan's mom......

With Bigyan's sister-in-law....Still snoozin'.....He looks so tiny here!
There were a lot of family members that came today to celebrate little Barron and how well he is doing. Eldy and Sparky really enjoyed meeting the other side of the family, Bigyan's side...These little sisters had a great time playing in this tiny little space with their "My Little Ponies" while the grownups had a good time talking about everything babies....
Grandma Sparky got a little too photo happy with her this little gal shows....Enough, Grandma!

It was a wonderful way to end our visit with Kerry, Bigyan and our new little grandson....We leave tomorrow for Tennessee and a visit from two more grandchildren coming up! Sparky better get prepared with snacks and movies, right? :-)


  1. I have never heard of a "Sip and See". MAYBE one day after the girls are married, I will have to help with a party like this. How clever!
    Barron is a DOLL!

  2. I have never heard of a "Sip and See". Maybe one day after the girls are married, I will also help with a part like this. Very clever!

    Barron is a DOLL!

  3. I especially like the picture of Barron with Bigyans Dad. I know you'll hate to leave that baby. Safe travels.

  4. Looks like you were a great help. Glad you got to meet the baby's other grandparents. Maybe you can come back to see him in better weather. He'll be growing fast. Congrats Gramma!!