Friday, June 8, 2012

Bugs, Be Gone!

OK, it's official. It's a palmetto bug/cockroach also known as "American cockroach"  UGH! and we need some spray called "BUGS BE GONE"!  Sparky likes the name "palmetto bug" MUCH better!...When we pulled into Rayford Crossing, Sparky was perturbed to see TWO palmetto bugs crawling around on the cement pad just as we parked. Phone call to the office IMMEDIATELY.

"Hi, uh, we just checked in, and noticed these large bugs crawling around on the cement. Do you have palmetto bugs here?"

"Uh, let me check...." Clock ticking....."Uh, we're not sure what those are, nobody seems to know here in the office.."

"Do you spray for bugs?"
"Uh, n-o-o, but if you have an ant problem--(UH-OH!) we do come out and spray for those....But if you are here on a monthly rate, it is the renter's responsibility to take care of bugs." Hm-m-mmmm....Okay...Does this mean there is a bug problem here??????? Sparky is thinking.....

"It's not an ant problem...just wondering about the bugs, we've had a couple on board the last couple of weeks and saw them crawling around here and were wondering if there were a lot of them here. You don't know for sure?..Well, OK, thanks...." And that was the end of that...

After showering last night and farting around on the computer for awhile, Sparky headed into the bathroom only to see a big, STINKIN' palmetto bug crawling around in the shower...She shrieked...The palmetto bug knew he was in trouble. Sparky went for the camera, the bug went for the shower wall. Sparky couldn't get the camera focused, the bug couldn't find an exit. Sparky went for the fly swatter, the bug went for the wall. SWAT! Sparky missed. Sparky shrieked. The palmetto bug boogied up the shower wall.  SWAT! Missed again! Sparky shrieked again. SWAT! Missed a third time! Eek! EEK! EEK! (That's Sparky shrieking after every swat, explains E.) What's he doing? Laughing in the bedroom at Spark's shrieking.

The bug knew he was doomed. Sparky was NOT going to miss a fourth time. SWAT! SPLAT! GOT 'EM!  Whew! Sparky does NOT care to have BIG, TWO INCH bugs crawling around the house.....(Just for the record, I don't either, says E., and I don't shriek.)  :-)

Sparky thinks we REALLY need to clean out the bays and see if anybody ELSE is living in our coach. But it's too hot to do a thorough cleaning of the bays and it's gonna be HOT HOT HOT the rest of the month. (Gee, guess we will just have to wait to clean out the bays, sweetie..) Which means ELDO has got the next flyswatter round of duty. Sparky is gonna shriek an alarm the next time so Eldo can get one! Share and share alike, Sparky always says and she also asks, how come she is always the one finding and killing these bugs?....Too bad the heat doesn't fry these critters. Sparky hates to use chemicals....Dryer sheets, anyone?


  1. That looks more like an American Cockroad to me. Here's the way to get rid of all bugs including all roaches. Mix Confectionary sugar with Boric Acid--add water and make a paste. I cut the bottom off plastic cups to about a half inch high. I fill all the cups with the mixture and put them in the back of cupboards, behind things, in the food closet, in seldom used drawers, under the sink...etc., you get the idea.

    The bugs are drawn to the sugar, eat it and pick up some on their legs/feet what ever you call them and take it back to the next where it kills the bugs in the nest.

    It never fails. I got the "recipe" from a friend who is an exterminator. He uses it in his house. In a two weeks or so there will be no bugs anywhere in your house/RV.

    If you don't want to go through the trouble buy Terro from the hardware store.

  2. I'm not fond of chemicals either but I am even LESS fond of bugs... especially big creepy ones like that. Ewww...bring on the bug spray or whatever works! Loved your story - but glad it wasn't me!!

  3. Hi Jeannie, I met you and Eldy one day at Jim and Mary's in Missoula when we were just beginning our full-time adventure. (I have been following your blog for a while but am not a big commenter.) I too am freaked out by Palmetto bugs and, having lived in Miami for one year, discovered that thin dustings of boric acid were the most effective non-toxic remedy (and works with ants too.) Good luck! --Pam

    1. I had forgotten about the boric acid. Thanks, guys, for the idea! Off to get some this morning!

  4. Since our home only touches the ground in a few spots (wheels, jacks, hoses), we always spray Home Defense around those areas as soon as we get set up. Seems to work, no creepy crawlies inside. Now, I need a way to get rid of Fruit Flies!!!! Living in South Carolina, we found the bugs just laugh at the non-chemical attempts to eradicate them;o))

  5. That was a great story, now you are on patrol. Hope you can solve your dilemma.

  6. Shotguns work real good on bugs, but might hurt the neighbors. On a serious note, about the fruit flies, we use Windex. We squirt them in the air, they fall and a paper towel does the rest.

    Please be careful on the road and keep posting your blog.


    1. We had the fruit flies for awhile, but they went away. thanks for the chuckle! Much needed at the moment!

  7. butterbean carpenterJune 9, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Howdy Eldo,
    I remember an old movie where Glenn Ford was asittin' in a bathtub,
    adrinkin' whiskey and a cuckaracha was climbing the wall!! He picked up his 'hardware and nailed that bug with one shot!! Best bug killer ever!!
    Tell Jeanne to use a shotgun next time!!! I don't know if my ears could stand that many EEKs!!!

  8. HOO boy. I don't want to raise hysteria...but those critters can fly, and are somehow attracted to the most terrified person in the room (always me). I grew up in Florida, and never stopped being the palmetto bug landing pad.

  9. P.S. My mother always kept Pine Sol in a spray bottle, It confused them long enough for her to hit them with the bottle.

  10. Get those Extra large roach traps and throw one in each bay. Those are pretty effective on the "palmetto's"